SHEKHOVTSOV: Ukrainian neo-Nazis are preparing “a new revolution”

By Anton Shekhovtsov
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

On July 1 at 12:00, the Ukrainian neo-Nazi group, Social–National Assembly (SNA) plans to organize riots in Kyiv.

"07.01.2014 12:00 MYKHAYLIVKSA SQUARE  “PEACEFUL” RALLY:  NEW REVOLUTION  AGAINST OLIGARCHS! We will go to the government quarter. Organizer: people of Ukraine"

“07.01.2014 12:00
We will go to the government quarter.
Organizer: people of Ukraine”

The SNA leadership includes Andriy Biletsky, Ihor Mosiychuk and Oleh Odnorozhenko. Together with other SNA members, they were released from prison, thanks to Oleh Lyashko, after the victory of the Ukrainian revolution as political prisoners, although they had no relation to the revolution itself and ended up in prison (except Odnorozhenko) long before it [took place]. During the revolution, the SNA was formally part of the Right Sector (RS), and Biletsky and Odnorozhenko were even included into the “provid” [governing body] of the RS in March, but many SNA members preferred not be headquartered on the fifth floor of the Trade Unions House (RS base during the revolution) but at the KCSA [Kyiv City State Administration], which was controlled by “Svoboda” faction and its neo-Nazi wing C14 (“Sich”). From March-April [of 2014], the SNA also prefers to work/cooperate with Lyashko rather than the RS, and Mosiychuk was even elected to the Kyiv Rada [Kyiv City Council] on the list of Oleh Lyashko’s Radical Party.

The leader of the SNA Andriy Biletsky is (probably) the favorite of Hromadske ( journalist Roman Skrypin and some other Ukrainian media, and also heads the Azov Battalion.

Igor Mosiychuk on left and Andrew Biletsky

Igor Mosiychuk on left and Andrew Biletsky. Photo: Olena Belozerska.

The unofficial chevron of Azov [Battalion] includes the “black sun” and the “wolf hook“–a former symbol of the Social-National Party of Ukraine (now “Svoboda”) and some post-war neo-Nazi groups in Europe, as well as today’s SNA symbol.

Azov Battalion crest

Azov Battalion crest

The SNA also includes a few people who are in the neo-Nazi network of the Ukrainian-Russian-Belarusian movement “Misanthropic Division” (MD). The MD members are also part of the Azov Battalion. According to the MD / SNA representatives, their fighters are not so much engaged in the anti-terrorist operation [ATO] against (pro-) Russian extremists in eastern Ukraine, as [they are] in fighting “in the ranks of the pagan Azov Battalion against outcasts of modern society in the form of people of non-Caucasian appearance [Editor: the text uses the word “khachey” deriving from the Armenian name Khachik, for known inhabitants of different countries in the Caucasus – Georgians, Armenians, Azeris, etc. Today, the term is used mainly in a negative light for all persons of non-Slavic appearance, including Arabs, Tatars and representatives of Latin America, Turkey, etc.], rednecks, communists, liberals, Asians and other Untermenschen.” As was already mentioned [above], this is happening against the backdrop of the legitimization of the SNA by the Ukrainian media which refuses to problematize the SNA ideology and practically whitewashes the racists. In this, there is no doubt about the neo-Nazi nature of the SNA ideology:

“Our Nationalism is racial, social, superpower-imperial, anti-systemic (anti-democratic and anti-capitalist), self-sufficient, militant and uncompromising. Ukrainian Social-Nationalism builds its ideology on maximalism, national and racial egoism, love of its own, intolerance towards the enemy and activism, which could be an iron battering ram for destroying an alien force that would want to get in the way of the Ukrainian Nation and the White Race.”

These are the people who received weapons from Ukrainian authorities and it is they who are going to ignite a “new revolution” in Ukraine: “the fire of the White Revolution was ignited in Kyiv, and [it] flares as a white dawn, threatening to burn all the evil from our long-suffering land.”

The purpose of the “new revolution” is to undermine the legitimate Ukrainian authorities, to split the society and thus weaken the state that is de facto in a state of war with the Russian aggressor. The “values​​” of the “White Revolution” of the SNA have no relation to the democratic European values ​​of the Ukrainian revolution, but the SNA activity itself is a direct violation of Article 161 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine “Violation of citizens’ equality based on their race, nationality or religious preferences.”

Modern history shows that any opportunistic cooperation of the authorities with the extreme right in the end results in problems for the government and society. It would be naive and childish to believe that the “benefit” from the SNA as participants of the ATO exceeds [any] harm from them. Why exactly is the SNA involved in the ATO we already know. How soon will Ukrainian democrats become the “other Untermenschen” for the armed neo-Nazi gang we, unfortunately, will be able to learn in the near future.

Source: Anton Shekhovtsov’s Blog 

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