INFORMATION RESISTANCE: Putin farmed out Crimea to Caucasus criminals

By Information Resistance.  
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine.


According to data from Information Resistance, in two districts of the occupied Republic of CrimeaSaky and Yevpatoria–an unprecedented rampage by visiting criminals in the spirit of the daring 90s is observed. It’s worth noting that Saky and Yevpatoria are famous resorts with a long-standing history. The former is famous for its therapeutic muds and specialized health centers, the latter is traditionally considered an ideal place for families with children. Or more to the point, it used to be considered–because very few parents will dare to go to that locality now, it has recently been infested with natives of Chechnya and Dagestan.

According to our emissaries, in the aforementioned areas raiders seize businesses and real estate. They require the most prized property to be split 50/50–half should go to the bandits, who are the real-life embodiment of the slogan “Crimea is ours…” According to the information from our emissaries, these once calm and somewhat sleepy resort cities have become, to put it mildly, unsafe. The Caucasus natives already feel themselves the masters here–it’s better to forgo restaurants and cafés since the bandits arrange feasts in the “best” traditions of the 90s. Local residents ironically joke: soon they will start shooting into the air with their automatic machine guns, just as they do at their weddings in Moscow. It’s good, if it’s in the air… One thing is obvious: the region is farmed out to the Caucasus criminals, and this has been clearly done with the consent of “emperor” Putin.

His purposes, in this case, may be several. For example, to tame local criminals who control the business and cash flows to the ARC [Autonomous Republic of Crimea] one way or another, in this manner–in order to ensure that the schemes set in place by locals come under the control of the Caucasus natives. The Chechens and the Dagestani probably received this generous gift to threaten the Crimean Tatars. The fact that Putin intended to place a bet exclusively on the Chechens and other natives from the Caucasus to establish control over the occupied resort peninsula became obvious when a Chechen businessman, Ruslan Baysarov, was “appointed” to be “responsible for resorts and health centers of Crimea.” Earlier, the media reported under what scheme Baysarov began to “work” in the ARC. He, allegedly, blackmails Ukrainian businessmen using the “quarter” principle. That is, the owner gets left with only 25%, whereas ¾ goes to the “warden Baysarov.” If the owner refuses–the established business is completely “squeezed out.”

Obviously, the majority of thinking and working (especially–for themselves) Crimeans have already fully realized the profound meaning their Russian brothers put into the sacred slogan “Crimea is ours…”

Source: Information Resistance web

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  3. People of Crimea got what they (supposedly) asked for!!!

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