“Vegetables and rice here are everything”

By ibigdan, blog post.
Translated by Alex Howard and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Due to the shortage of water in Crimea, the entire rice crop was destroyed. Here is a discussion in a profile group [on VKontakte, or the ‘Russian Facebook’].

Antimaidan group 2

“Not so long ago, the Russians destroyed the rice crop in Crimea.

What is this “culture of [rice] sowing”? Let’s try to get to the bottom of this.

For rice not to go bad, it’s ground with talcum powder, a powerful carcinogen. 67% of Asians who consume rice exclusively develop cancer of the stomach and intestine. Moreover, talcum powder is well known for it’s role in incurable type 2 diabetes.

Studies have shown that there are harmful microbes, spread from feces, in 78.6% of rice. Medical literature teems with euphemisms for food poisoning: “level of forms of coliform bacteria,” ”aerobic count…” but behind these words is a simple explanation as to why it’s possible to become sick from [consuming] rice: it’s contaminated with manure.

This includes the fact that Crimean rice was genetically modified and that it doesn’t conform to Russian hygiene standards.

Finally, it must not be forgotten that rice is the national food of Japan and China, those puppetsof the West. Everyone knows that the quality of life is low there. You can’t be intelligent when you only eat rice. It’s no secret to anybody that Japan didn’t support Russia concerning the annexation of Crimea. Therefore, it’s the duty of every Antimaidan supporter to stop eating this dirty fascist food.

Antimaidan’s administration is calling for a boycott of this muck, as our brothers have done in Sevastopol. Don’t be a fascist, don’t eat rice!”

Source: just the juice-livejournal.com

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    CRIMEA: “Vegetables and rice here are everything.”

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