Arsen Avakov: Our court system is a sham and an effing shame

By Arsen Avakov, Acting Interior Minister of Ukraine
04.25.2014 Facebook
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Meanwhile, behind the scenes…

Our court system is a sham and a fucking shame.

Pechersk Court [Kyiv]. Evening of April 25. Judge Ilyeva rules to release [Yevheniy] Bakulin, former head of the Naftogaz NJSC [national oil and gas company], on bail of… UAH 9.987 million [USD 886,440].

Simply and elegantly, the bail shrank from UAH 1.5 billion [c. USD 130 million] to UAH 10 million [c. USD 0.87 million]. It happened after a fifteen-minute discussion in the jury room, by means of a small ruling on one paltry sheet of paper.

One question I’d like to ask of the judge: HOW MUCH was paid for this ruling? And another one: when such rulings are being passed, how can anyone motivate investigators to work diligently?

You say that the danger lies in Russian imperialism? Terrorism? Separatism? Those things are nothing compared to the real threat–corruption and prostitute courts!

The investigators of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are filing an appeal against this ruling.

Source: Arsen Avakov FB

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