Dmitry Tymchuk: FSB presence in Ukraine on February 20-21

By Dmitry Tymchuk, Information Resistance group
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine
Source 1, Source 2

According to data by Information Resistance group, the Commander of the Fifth Service of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (territorial intelligence) [see Federal Security Service #5], Colonel-General Sergei Orestovoch Beseda, arrived in Ukraine on February 20, 2014 after the shootings on Maidan took place.

Sergei Beseda (photo -

Sergei Beseda (photo –

An unofficial delegation of seven people joined him in Boryspil, including Vladislav Surkov, the “Ukrainian scenario” supervisor in the Kremlin.

Volodymyr Valentynovych Bik, Major General with the SBU, as well as the coordinator of all activities regarding the forceful dispersion of Maidan (who appears in the so-called “Hennadiy Moskal documents” where his role is understated) met the distinguished guests at the airport.

According to our sources, this group was sent to Kyiv by the Kremlin to influence Viktor Yanukovych, the Ukrainian President at the time, and it was Surkov who gave the command to hold a Kharkiv Separatist Congress.

In addition to the statement by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, that Beseda was seemingly “in contact with the SBU to assess the security level and protection of the Russian embassy and ‘other Russian institutions’ in Kyiv,” we would like to clarify that it is actually the FSB agents who provide the protection of the Russian diplomatic mission in Kyiv. However, they belong to the Border Service of the FSB of Russia.

That is, the “border” protection of the diplomatic mission of the Russian Federation in Ukraine has no special relation to the “intelligence” Fifth Service of the FSB which is headed by Colonel-General Beseda.

Here’s the full list of the delegation of the FSB and Kremlin officials, who arrived in Kyiv by an 1818 Aeroflot flight “Sheremetyevo-Boryspil” [with the arrival time of 7:40 pm]:

Screen Shot 2014-04-05 at 2.36.21 PM

  1. Beseda, Sergei, born in 1954, Colonel-General, Commander of the Fifth Current Information and International Relations Service of the FSB [the structure of the 5th part of the Service department of intelligence, the Directorate for the Coordination of Current Information (UKOI), deals directly with intelligence against Ukraine].
  2. Kozlov, Vyacheslav, born in in 1952, the FSB operative (Part of the FSB task force that stayed in Ukraine from January 26 to January 29, 2014 and lived at the SBU “Alpha” counter-terrorist group base in Koncha Zaspa, not at the Russian Embassy in Kyiv.).
  3. Bolyukh Anatoliy, born in 1956, the FSB operative (Worked on “breaking the economic blockade of Transnistria” through organizing the smuggling channels.).
  4. Pavlov, Aleksandr, born in 1984.
  5. Revzin, Dmitry, born in 1974.
  6. Tkachuk, Oleg, born in 1964.
  7. Surkov, Vladislav, born in 1964 – Advisor to the Russian President Vladimir V. Putin (diplomatic passport #100117746).

The delegation went through passport control in the usual manner. There were no representatives from the Russian Embassy to meet the delegation. Instead, Volodymyr Bik, the Major General with the SBU, met them at the airport.

The Russian Embassy in Ukraine has had no one to protect it, since the following people were in Kyiv along with Colonel-General Sergei Beseda:

Border Service of the FSB of Russia:

  1. Usanov, Vladimir Alekseyevich, Colonel
  2. Groshev, Konstantin Georgiyevich
  3. Malov, Sergei Nikolayevich
  4. Mirolov, Yevgeniy Vladimirovich
  5. Chelishev, Andrey Yevgenyevich
  6. Antipin, Sergei Nikolayevich
  7. Belan, Vitaliy Aleksdandrovich
  8. Kalitka, Aleksandr Anatolyevich
  9. Chervyakov, Ilya Viktorovich
  10. Nikolayev, Aleksandr Ivanovich

Foreign Intelligence Service of Russia:

  1. Ionov, Mikhail Arsenyevich, Lt.-General
  2. Golubev, Andrey Sergeyevich, Colonel
  3. Minayev, Sergei Yuryevich, Lt.-Colonel

Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation:

  1. Naumov, Aleksandr Anatolyevich, Colonel
  2. Samul, Aleksandr Vladimirovich, Lt.-Colonel
  3. Kolyuchkin, Kirill Sergeyevich, Lt.-Colonel
  4. Belashev, Eduard Kirillovich, 2nd Captain
  5. Popov, Pavel Vladimirovich, Lt.-Colonel

The Federal Security Service of Russia:

  1. Sviridov, Gennadiy Aleksandrovich, Maj.-Gen.
  2. Chashchin, Viktor Vladimirovich, Colonel
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