Hitler’s Helpers in Crimea – The Past and the Present (analysis by Delta Section / Information Resistance)

By Information Resistance group, Delta section.
Based on research by Myroslav Mamchak.
24.03.2014  09:35
Sources: https://www.facebook.com/dmitry.tymchuk/posts/473544369440890

Recently, thanks to Russian President Vladimir Putin, that brilliant follower in Adolf Hitler’s footsteps, those Ukrainian citizens who believe that their Motherland is Ukraine (as opposed to Russia or the Soviet Union), are automatically declared to be “Banderites” and “Neo-Nazis.”

What is the reason behind the fact that, starting from the 2000’s, our so-called “brothers” brand all Ukrainian patriots, as well as any Ukrainians who don’t feel part of the “Russian world,” as “Banderites,” “fascist helpers,” etc.? Why does Comrade Putin have so much hatred for the people who struggled for the independence of their country against everyone – the Germans, the Red Army, the Soviet partisans? Perhaps because in this particular Nazi’s plans, there is no room for an independent Ukraine, just as there was no room for it in Hitler’s.

Today, we propose to lift the curtain and shed some light on a number of facts that “Putin&Co” don’t like remembering. They would rather pretend that Russian history does not include a betrayal of millions of Russians during WW2. As if these several millions were never part of the great history of the great Russia. As if they simply got lost among the endless pages of time.

…The Russian media like making a lot of noise about “Banderite collaborators of fascists,” while saying nothing about the large-scale collaboration that took place in Crimea, including Sevastopol, during the German-Romanian occupation. Today, this stretch of time remains a deep mystery.

It’s not as simple as it looks. While in western regions of Ukraine, the UPA [Ukrainian Insurgent Army] fought to defend its people against Nazi aggressors, the situation in the southeast and in Crimea was more difficult. Legions of collaborators were helping occupiers in repressions against their own people. Starting from mid-summer of 1942, they were marching under the same banners as the Russkaia Obschina [Russian Community of Crimea], and wearing the same uniform as today’s Crimean Russian Cossacks.

By the way, all of them spoke Russian. The absolute majority of German collaborators – units of the Russian Liberation Army [ROA] in Crimea and Ukraine – were Russian-speaking.

If the Russian media loves talking about the Ukrainian “Roland” and “Nachtigall” battalions, then it’s time for us to tell about the homespun Crimean Cossacks, whose descendants now signed up to serve Moscow as “fighters against fascism,” while the only thing they’re fighting is the Ukrainian state. Even on May 9th, the day of celebration of the Great Victory over Nazism, they like to walk the streets of Sevastopol under ROA banners, demonstrating that cynicism knows no bounds in the “city of Russian glory.”

Archives, statistics, and document studies of many Russian authors are full of dry, yet eloquent, facts.

Crimea supplied 45,000 (!) armed fighters to Manstein’s 11th Army alone. They took part, among other things, in the assault on Sevastopol [1942].

Nine separate Russian companies were formed as part of the Wehrmacht 17th Army.

Unlike the UPA fighters, who defended their own lands, Crimean “volunteers” took part in the blockade of Leningrad. By the way, Crimean Tatars were not accepted into the Wehrmacht, so there is no hiding between statements about “Crimean Tatar traitors.”

Modern-day Crimean “anti-fascists” don’t seem to be in a hurry to tell Crimeans who took part in the creation of the 5th Simferopol Cossack squadron of the Von Jungshultz Cossack Cavalry Regiment (February 1942) and the 1st St. Andrew’s Hundred by Simferopol.

Hitler’s forces also put together four Russian Cossack Battalions on the peninsula. They became the core of the Von Schulenberg Russian Cossack Guard Division. In 1994, this division was finally destroyed in battles with the UPA [Ukrainian Insurgent Army].

In February 1942, the headquarters of the 11th Wehrmacht Army in Simferopol formed the 5th Simferopol Cossack Reiter Squadron, which became the core of the Cossack Reiter Regiment commanded by Lt. Colonel von Schulze of the 1st Panzer Army. In 1943, this regiment, having shown themselves to be the best in battles against the Red Army and the partisans, was included in the 1st Cossack Cavalry Division with the Waffen-SS, and then grew and was transformed into the XV Cossack Corps with the Waffen-SS.

We should also point out that Hitler included Crimea in Reichskommissariat Ukraine. Thus, it was the XV Cossack Corps – with the Waffen-SS that became the first collaborator unit in Ukraine to be fully included in the Waffen-SS – and not the Galychyna SS Division.

A corps is much larger than a division. Thus, Lviv – with its Galychyna Division, and two battalions that did not pledge to the Führer and the Reich, and mostly joined the UPA – has nothing on the Crimean Cossacks. In addition to the facts above, Crimean residents also formed three Russian infantry battalions of the Wehrmacht, and the 560th and 994th field battalions of the Russian Liberation Army.

In addition to the Cossack corps, Sevastopol, and then Simferopol residents joined the staff of the headquarters, the command, and two battalions of the 1st Russian Waffen Grenadier Division. Formation of the 2nd Russian division also began.

Residents and prisoners of war in Sevastopol were used to form the 381st Sevastopol Training Division of the Wehrmacht.

Coastal defense between Sevastopol and Feodosiya in 1942-1944 was the responsibility of the Black Sea Kriegsmarine. Its officers were German, but all soldiers in it were Russian, recruited from locals and prisoners of war. And even though, when the Red Army was on approach, these “kriegsmarines” turned on their own officers, shot them, and went off to join the partisans – they nevertheless loyally served the occupiers for two years straight before that.

Another phenomenon of note are Crimean police battalions – so called HiWi (“Voluntary assistants” – assisting Nazis, of course). In Sevastopol, such battalion, formed of 450 locals, guarded the sea port. In other parts of Crimea, similar “assistants” blockaded Soviet partisans in mountain forests.

If we compare the number of collaborators in Crimea and in Western Ukraine, as a percentage of the local population in 1941, we will arrive at interesting results. In western regions of Ukraine, the percentage of collaborators who chose to serve the occupiers (even including the Galychyna division, and the Roland and Nachtigall battalions) is approximately 2.5% of the local population. In Crimea, that figure is almost 12%…

Today, henchmen of the new Hitler, from Moscow, are operating in Crimea again. Except now, instead of the Soviet government, they are fighting the Ukrainian one, along with Ukrainian citizens, who can barely speak Ukrainian.

To make sure that such “nationalverräter” (“traitors of the nation”) have no place on the “original Russian land,” Cossacks and FSB [Russian Security Service] officers are giving them subtle hints – to leave their homes and their Motherland. Because in Russia, there is no place for Ukraine. In the distorted imagination of Moscow’s Führer, there is no Ukraine – only Malorossiya [Small Russia], “a small historic misunderstanding.”

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2 Responses to Hitler’s Helpers in Crimea – The Past and the Present (analysis by Delta Section / Information Resistance)

  1. chervonaruta says:

    Reblogged this on Euromaidan PR and commented:

    The real facts & figures about Hitler’s Helpers in Crimea–Past and Present

  2. albertphd says:

    An excellent historical perspective on the root-origin of the word ‘Nazi collaborator’! Although it is encouraging to note that many if not most of these men and women of Ukrainian descent (including Crimean Ukrainians) who were forced into the Nazi military later switched sides (like the Italians) and fought with the resistance against Fascism, it is noteworthy that the Cossacks (originally, Ukrainian origin from Zaporozhye) are now today identified with pro-Russian supporters?! How did that happen? How did it happen that so many Russians chose to live in Ukraine and now today wish to convert Ukraine into another part of Russia?! I think I have a historical precedent to that resurgence of anti-Ukrainian movement. It began with Stalin, and his Holodomor (artificial famine) of 1934 in which he robbed Ukrainians of their food and basic necessities for life and so caused 12 million Ukrainians to starve to death. Why, you ask? Simple! He wished to remove Ukrainians from the Ukraine (to transport them to Siberia and to replace them with Russian immigrants) but there were too many of them (and as he did not wish the world to know of these facts); so, he simply took away everything they needed in order to survive the winter weather (when there where no crops, no vegetables in the field to rely on) thereby forcing them into a famine of death, arguably, greater than any other of the 20th Century. In fact, Stalin was so evil that even the Russian people themselves (under Krushchev) finally de-Stalinized Russia of his memory, in a feeble attempt to hide the shame that Russia committed against the Ukraine. But today without blinking an eye, this rebirth of Stalinism has returned to the Ukraine. In this very month of March 2014, Putin (or, Putlin?!) has attempted to renew the extermination of Ukraine and the Ukrainian peoples as Stalin once commenced. With the illegal takeover of The Crimea, Putin thinks that the precedent Stalin set can once again be re-established in the Crimea and (soon?!) in the rest of Ukraine. But Putin has miscalculated. Ukraine has tasted Freedom in the people’s movement of the Maidan, a taste of Freedom that was paid for by the innocent blood of 102 fallen heroes and heroines–the martyrs of Ukraine. An example has now been set for all of Eastern Europe to follow, including the captive peoples of Putin’s restrictive Russian Regime.Hence, a indubitable resistance movement has now been set into motion and who knows where or how it will all end?! But as to Putin’s ‘new Russian Federation’, it is little wonder then that double-think is now in place. George Orwell’s awful prediction (in his masterpiece ‘1984’) of a super-state regime that would (try to) take over the world calling FREE SPEECH a crime against the State (as Putin plans to do in the Crimea this Victory Day of 9th May 2014), and that would label FREEDOM as “forced autonomy within Federated States” is now a living reality! Whether we like it or not, Putin has stirred up the ashes of the past and with his propaganda team (RT media, AM TV media, PRESS TV media and other stations) attempts to reverse the free-thinking of free peoples around the world, beginning with the Ukraine in the Crimea. Soon this dreaded Dictator will renew his laws that were struck down on 16 January 2014) into Ukraine again, as the pro-Putin protesters in the Crimea will soon discover! Soon, very soon, there will be no freedom of movement or travel within The Crimea, a beautiful land what was once a plush and luxurious tourist resort will shortly become a veritable prison with Russian military, Russian Police, Russian secret service agents (the FSB who replaced the KGB in 1991), and Russian military law, with curfews, and prison sentences for any violation of the ‘new Russian order’–however banal or benign. Putin who himself refuses to obey any rule of law in the International scene of Western Civilization will demand total obedience from all his captive citizens in his ultra-Fascist Police State! For as is evident to all who have eyes to see: Crimea is fast becoming a prime example of Putin’s Police State, his new ‘World Order”– as all properties of Ukrainian citizens in Crimea will be confiscated by Putin’s restrictive Russian regime unless they renounce their Ukrainian citizenship and become Russians! Now this is Putin’s version of ‘freedom’ in action! Now we have a goldfish-bowl version of what Putin’s prison is truly like: his new world order is not a melting pot for Russian ideals; it is a forced concentration camp of Putin’s propaganda. George Orwell’s vision has now become a reality–in this ‘little Czar’, who believes only in himself, in his fantastic vision of world domination. And what kind of future can those caught in the spider web of Putin’s propaganda have to look forward to? Well, luckily for us, Orwell spelled it out very clearly in the conclusion of his portrait of this New Russia, as follows: “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on the human face–forever! And remember that it is forever!”.

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