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Information Resistance

Information Resistance

Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Brothers and sisters, here is the summary for March 18, 2014 (for summary from the previous day, see Summary of March 17).

The bad news:

1. This is war. Putin’s invasion into Ukraine reached its horrible and, sadly, inevitable pinnacle – in Crimea, Russians and their “polizei” dogs are murdering Ukrainians. Today, in Simferopol, one Ukrainian serviceman was killed, and two wounded.

Whichever way the Kremlin tries to cover up its insane schemes, today made it clear – this is war, and no other word can be used to define the current events. Russia attacked us. Russia is killing our soldiers, who stay faithful to their Oath to the end.

Earlier, I wrote that the sides of this war are not Russians and Ukraine, but only Putin and Ukraine. Now, with a heavy heart, I have to admit – I was wrong. The war against Ukraine was started by Russians, led by Putin. Our blood is on their hands – and that is an inescapable fact.

According to Putin, 95% of Russians are supporting his wish to “protect compatriots” at any cost. This means that 95% are, in essence, in favor of drowning Ukraine in blood. I can’t interpret this sociological data in any other way.

In front of us is the enemy. No matter who tries to convince me otherwise – this is the enemy. You can tell me that Putin has beautiful eyes, and Russia has beautiful birch forests, but what I see on that side is a new Hitler and a new Reich. Any further discussion on this point is irrelevant.

We must defend ourselves, and become a shield for the spineless Europe, while it’s counting how much money it would lose from a possible quarrel with Putin. It looks like this is our tragic mission.

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine officially allowed the Ukrainian military in Crimea to use weapons. It is a very heavy decision, because the results are unpredictable. But this is the army – people who received weapons from their country, and who must be able to defend themselves and the people. This means that this decision is right. The only question is, what we can and will do to help our guys, who are standing at their outposts amidst the ocean of hatred.

2. The Ukrainian serviceman was murdered right after the bloodthirsty maniac by the name of Putin spoke about his dream to conquer the world, and start with Ukraine. “Clearly, we will face external opposition, but we must decide for ourselves, whether we are ready to defend our interests, or whether we will continue to always surrender them, and retreat god knows where,” Putin had emphasized in his speech.

This wasn’t just a challenge to Ukraine. This was a declaration of war to the entire civilized world.

Fate had it so that we were the first to start being crushed under the tracks of Putin’s war machine. The sooner everyone else understands that stopping these paranoid maniacs from the East is the sacred duty of everyone, the better for our whole planet. And for Ukraine.

3. [Dmitry] Rogozin, Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister, came up with another excuse to start a war with Ukraine. Those bastards stuffed Transnistria full of their [Russian] special forces and FSB [Federal Security Service] agents. As they started making incursions on Ukraine from there, our border guards and special services stopped them. Now Rogozin is screaming blue murder – “look at Ukraine now blockading Transnistria!”

On March 20, the Russian government will meet to discuss this issue. The result of that discussion is already known – yet another issue on which Ukraine will be declared a criminal. Truly, Russian despicability and villany knows no bounds.

The good news:

In view of the above, optimism doesn’t come easy. But I will try.

1. The European Union does not recognize Russia’s annexation of Crimea and Sevastopol – that is made clear in the joint statement by the President of the European Council Herman van Rompuy and President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso.

Finally, Europe took a stand on something. At least they didn’t stab us in the back. Even the use of the word “annexation” as pertaining to Russia is an act of courage, as far as Europe is concerned. So thanks for that.

2. If Moscow supports “nationalization” of Ukrainian property in Crimea, Kyiv will demand compensation of damages at Moscow’s expense – in Ukraine as well as in Europe. This was said today by Pavlo Petrenko, the Minister of Justice of Ukraine.

While making that comment, a kind but sly man with a very Ukrainian last name of Petrenko casually noted that Russia’s Gazprom has plenty of facilities in Europe. No further comment.

3. Crimea’s budget deficit, considering social security benefits, is humongous – according to former Acting Minister of Finance of Ukraine Ihor Umansky. “The gap between Crimea’s monetary inflows and outflows is some UAH 12-13 billion (approximately USD 1.4 billion),” he said.

Thus, Crimean separatists turned out to be downright parasites, who were feeding on Ukraine, and now, thanks to Putin, are becoming the millstone around the neck of Russian taxpayers. This is hardly consoling for us. Technically, we knew that even before. But that didn’t make us stop loving Crimea as a part of our Ukraine.

In general, after today’s events, I only have one wish for tomorrow. But since my wish, which is sincere, yet not entirely high-minded, concerns the life and health of some of our bastard “brothers”, I won’t say it out loud – only out of respect for Christian morality. Instead, I’ll just say – let all be well.

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