Once we do this … Putin is doomed

Graffiti on wall in Kyiv. The graffiti on the right says: Ukraine above all! And on the left, Putin and Yanukovich's mutual support actions throughout infinity are self-explanatory. Photo by Giles Clarke / Getty Images.

Graffiti on wall in Kyiv. The graffiti on the right says: Ukraine above all! And on the left, Putin and Yanukovich’s mutual support actions throughout infinity are self-explanatory. Photo by Giles Clarke / Getty Images.

By Olex Ch
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine
Source: https://www.facebook.com/olex.ches/posts/743398345670697?stream_ref=10

The things that I write probably would be worth writing in two languages [Russian and Ukrainian], but I will write only in Ukrainian. Because, first of all, we need to understand it ourselves. Only then can it be understood by someone else.

1. Putin and Maidan [Independence Square at the center of Kyiv, and the center of the Ukrainian revolution] are incompatible in one and the same time and space, because Maidan knocks all the ground out from under the feet of followers of the “Russian world.” There have always been two Russias: the Russia which is about the “brotherhood of nations” and a Russian character with global empathy and deep humanistic ideals (let’s call it Russia #1). And the Russia which “for all that’s written,” strangles, mutilates and destroys all that dare to disobey her state power (Russia #2).

And so, here goes: IN PRACTICE, MAIDAN IMPLEMENTED RUSSIA #1: the brotherhood of man, solidarity, and universal empathy. And this never involved Russia #2. This is the main and most important reason why Putin and Russian chauvinists will generally never forgive Maidan. They would like it if Maidan were what their own propaganda writing says: a xenophobic armed coup. They believe it, because they want to believe it.

2. From point 1 comes point 2: Putin will not stop until he destroys Ukraine and the very memory of Maidan. Or, he won’t disappear by himself. Not because Ukraine is a military threat to Russia. But because the IMPLEMENTATION of the ideals of Maidan on a national level automatically means the death of the ideology that “without brutality and dictatorship Russia will die.” This is an automatic death to that type of state that nourishes it and keeps it afloat. When the Russian intelligentsia (in every sense) understands the essence of what happened on Maidan, and the Russian common man realizes that the absence of a “Citizen Chief” [Mr. Boss–гражданин начальник from Solzhenitsyn] does not necessarily mean chaos when friends are near – Putin’s type of state is doomed. The type of state which began with Ivan the Terrible. In other words, it’s the end of an age-old cycle.

3. From points 1 and 2 derives point 3: We will win when, first, we’ll be able to physically keep in existence the state of a Ukraine with heart on Maidan. And secondly, when we conduct an ideological and spiritual expansion into the territory of Russia as a whole. Clearly, this is a task we can undertake only after we are able to conquer our own South East including Crimea. Once we can do this – Putin is doomed.

According to all the scenarios, we have the right to use military force only as a defense against aggression, with the support of a critical mass of local inhabitants. All other options lead to our defeat.

P.S. About Crimea: We will already have the support of a critical mass of the local population after a couple months of their being in close communication with their “liberators.”  this What do I mean? – reason that out for yourselves.


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    This article has the story of the two Russias: the security conscious hegemon and the humanist egalitarian.

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