No to Russians with EU passports as election observers in Crimea!

By Alyona Yakhno
March 9, 2014
Translated by Olya Lutska for Voices of Ukraine
Edited by Voices of Ukraine

I have received this warning from my friend who lives in Finland. Just take a look at how they will legitimize their referendum [in Crimea]. They will bring Russians with EU passports as election observers.

Dear friends! Yesterday I received an invitation in my e-mail. They invited me to the Crimea referendum  as an observer!!!!

Here is an excerpt from the invitation: “Igor, maybe someone you know wants to come? We have received a request from the State Duma [Russian Parliament] to invite our fellow Russians living in Europe to participate as international observers in the Crimean referendum on 16 March 2014. Travel, accommodations and all other expenses will be covered. We kindly ask you to respond by tomorrow morning  whether you or other members from your organization will be able to participate in this honorable mission? There are no restrictions on the number of participants: we make a list of the candidates, and the Duma reviews it and approves the final lineup. It is highly desirable for the observers to have an EU citizenship. The expected length of stay in Crimea is 2 days, March 16-17. Bulk tickets will be purchased in Moscow and sent out electronically.”

Dear friends, please pay attention to the fact that FELLOW CITIZENS are being invited! Specifically, EU passport holders. Therefore, Russia would report the presence of European observers for the record, but obviously these “Europeans” will draw their conclusions and express their opinions as fellow citizens, as Russians. What independent observers is it therefore possible to talk about? An illegitimate referendum with false observers! How is it possible to allow this arbitrariness? How can this message be conveyed to the world community? I think that these “observers” are invited not only from Finland, but from other European countries as well. It turns out that not only Russian TV channels are engaged in fraud and lies, but there are also those in Finland who do not want the truth and who want to distort reality! In my opinion, it is unacceptable!

Russians with EU passports shouldn’t participate in this referendum!

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    They are bringing Russians with EU passports for election observers in Crimea

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