Source: Dmitry Tymchuk, Information Resistance

1926682_463321080463219_1261664550_nBrothers, here is the summary of March 8, 2014.
(for summary of the previous day, see Summary of March 7)

The bad news:

1. Today, Russia has tried to turn its invasion that is failing to provoke the Ukrainian Armed Forces, into a full-blown war. Russian troops opening fire at Ukrainian border patrol plane located in Ukrainian airspace while illegally staying on Ukrainian territory – this is war. I would love to call it a different word, but I cannot.

Putin’s henchmen are making possible and impossible efforts, and using different avenues to provoke [the Ukrainian military] – just to get a retaliation and end up with corpses in their ranks. Then, they would have a good excuse to start killing for real, on a grand scale fitting for Russia.

We understand that Russia has traditionally been insensitive to loss of human life (in this, Mr. Shoygu [Russian Minister of Defense] religiously observes the principle of Soviet marshals, who believed that losing soldiers is not a big deal because “Russian women will give birth to some more”). To achieve its cannibalistic goals, the Kremlin will sail on seas of blood, however deep. Yesterday, we announced Russia’s current strategic goal – to squeeze Ukrainian troops out of the peninsula, at any cost, by March 16, 2014 [date of the Crimean referendum].

2. This arises from the first point. Today, we received reports from our emissaries, that a strange metamorphosis has occurred in the Kazachya [Cossack] Bay in Sevastopol. Russian paratroopers entered the unit, and some time later, the same number of people left the base – dressed dressed in Ukrainian uniforms. According to our data, cars with impostors posing as Ukrainian military were headed to Feodosiya. This does not look good.

By the way, the information about upcoming provocations arrives from many places where Ukrainian military are stationed. We don’t possess any specifics [regarding this info], and therefore, did not relay these reports in “Information Resistance” briefs. But unanimous warnings from various independent sources are alarming.

3. It is absolutely clear that so-called rotation of Russian troops on the peninsula is, in actual fact, their accumulation. Military personnel and armored vehicles keep arriving in Crimea, but nothing is leaving the peninsula. This can only mean preparation for the mainland invasion.

The good news.

For the first time since the invasion, there is more good news than bad ones.

1. Any plans to invade mainlaind Ukraine may be upset by this reassuring news: the United States declared their serious intentions to support Ukraine and their being ready to respond to the threat from Russia. The man who announced these plans is General Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff – a military man who is not used to the hustle and bustle politicians live for. This is reassuring. We think he knows what he’s talking about.

And suddenly, Russia announced that it is ready to negotiate with Ukraine regarding Crimea. Even though, only yesterday, the Kremlin responded to such offers by spitting and swearing.

2. This morning, I wrote a statement on behalf of all coordinators of Information Resistance. As statements go, it is a pretty harsh one. Essentially, it is our ultimatum to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry and the General Staff, regarding our troops in Crimea.

I know that we are a very small fry, and a bunch of nameless nobodies. We can be turned to dust with one sweep of the government’s hand, and no one will ever notice it. But even one person can do a lot and must go to the end, if he remembers about honor. And if he remembers that he cannot abandon his people.

However, after some consultations, I have been convinced to wait with the statement, so as not to make things worse. And, although I know very well that for our guys in Crimea, every hour of delay is akin to dismal and oppressive eternity, I have not yet lost the faith in our state. We are not denouncing our intentions – but we agree to wait let hope into our hearts and wait a little longer.

3. Arising from the second point – Ukrainian troops on the mainland have finally started to move. I’m not at liberty to discuss and comment on the fragmented information about [Ukrainian] troop movements that appeared in the media today, but it is a very big positive sign. At least I hope that this is the beginning. If only they had the will to follow through on their plan.

4. Civilians in Crimea came out to protest against the [Russian] occupation. This is a show of great courage. If our military and political command had one-third of this bravery, I’m sure we would be much more confident about the future.
PHOTO: Protest by Crimean Tatars

Thus, may tomorrow bring us the faith we so desperately need today.

For details of the day, see March 8 – Reports from the ground.

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3 Responses to INVASION OF CRIMEA – March 8, 2014 – SUMMARY

  1. rovitot says:

    Reblogged this on rovitothis201 and commented:
    And General Dempsey gets involved…

  2. Antigone says:

    Dear Dmitry,
    first I like to thank you for your reports, which give far better information than the mainstream-media. But the whole thing is very bizarre: A war without shooting, soldiers who “attacK” without weapons ( the 100 Ukrainian officers), “enemies” from “nowhere” (the little green men without the russian flag … therefore they are NOT combattants – but they are clearly NOT civilians, too), and much more.
    This looks very funny but it is not – every minute this can turn deadly. Hope for you and for us, that you can stand this stress and this danger. With my thoughts i am with you.
    In the media-world your “enemy” is Putin, but Putin is not in Crimea and Putin does nothing himself exept commandeering. In the real-world there are the “little green men”. So you have to handle these little green men. Not with weapons – i fear that Russia could crush Ukraine – but with your intelligence, your humanity, your culture. Like the 100 Ukrainiens or like the soldier-musicians. Or otherwise. The thing is: To DO something – not just to wait.
    There is a word for this: fraternisation. And this is what the generals fear most – because no one will go to kill his brother.
    Let them win all the battles (like Napoleon in Russia) but without a shot – and finally they will loose the war (like Napoleon in Russia).
    Go to the little green men and talk to them, eat with them, drink with them – crush the war-machine, not the men – they too, simply want to go home (most of them).

    may the gods be with you

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