Fallen on Maidan: Viktor Shvets, Atomic submarine missile and anti-aircraft troops Senior Midshipman

Please note: Viktor Shvets’ daughter went on Hromadske TV on Feb. 28 to correct misinformation about her father’s service career. We have corrected this information below, with our apologies to the family of the deceased. We give the information she shared on television first:

My father was not a former police officer. I do not know where this information came from. He was an atomic submarine Senior Midshipman. He was never a policeman. He served in the Missile and Anti-aircraft troops, was a Master of Sports, a 7-time Champion in the days of his military service, he was an atomic-submariner, a senior midshipman. I don’t know where the information about him being in the police came from. [Wikipedia source below].

On the 18th [of February], we were watching TV, explosions, shots. He said to my mother,

“I cannot watch while they are killing children, I will go.”
He got dressed and left.

He was not an activist, he was not in any organizations. A couple of times he went with his wife to the Viche for Ukraine, for a better life in Ukraine. And generally, at home he felt deeply what was happening, but on the 18th [of February] he could not resist his inner stress from what happened on Maidan the last time and he left [to go to Maidan].

He sold the apartment to build a house that he built together with his daughter, without builders. He fought against injustice, against low wages, against theft, against the closing of production in Ukraine.

His daughter wants to find the people who carried her father after his injury, to find out where he was found shot, and other circumstances of his injuries and death.

1932662_673077356064534_975172439_o-2Viktor Mykhailovych Shvets was an atomic submarine missile and anti-aircraft troops Senior Midshipman.
On February 18, he left for Maidan around 4 pm because he “wanted to protect the young people” there. At 11:00 pm, Viktor called his family and said he was doing okay. At 4:00 am the next day, his wife received a phone call that Viktor had passed away (the morgue put his time of death around 1:00 am on February 19).

Viktor was probably taken to the emergency care hospital wounded, but subsequently transferred to the Shevchenkivsky district police station, where they prepared his body and sent him to the morgue on Oranzhereyna Street. Officials registered him as a police officer since he had his retired police ID card. However, Viktor went to Maidan after watching events on February 18th on tv as a Maidan protester to help protect the younger people there.

During the burial preparation, two gunshot wounds to the chest were visible (although morgue staff registered three wounds).

Victor is survived by his wife, and their daughter Olena Shvets.
Our deepest condolences to you.

His daughter Olena is trying to find out when and where he was shot and asks anybody who may have been with him if they can give information about the circumstances in which he died (please see link below for contact information, you can contact HromadskeTV as well).


Olena Shvets, daughter, on HromadskeTV about her father:
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7K2JgY_rowQ]

https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=673077356064534&set=a.635760243129579.1073741827.634929216546015&type=1&theater http://zik.ua/ua/news/2014/02/22/zagybli_geroi_maydanu_463774

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