Stage Manager: Andrei Movchan, 34 years old

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    Andrei Movchan, 34 years old

    Andrei Movchan use to come to Maidan every day for a few hours, always looking how and who can he help. So it was this morning. From about 9 am to 10 am he was going around barricades, asking how to help. At 10 am, he returned to the camp of the Democratic Alliance on Maidan. We have not figured out what happened next… For sure, he went to the barricades to bring water or food, as he did every day. After 11 am, Andrei stopped responding to phone calls … At the time of lunch, he has been found literally shot down – with several gunshot wounds that left him no chance to survive….

    Andrei Movchan worked at the Ivan Franko National Theatre as stage manager. He was a very gentle person. One of his friends once said that he looked like a toy bear. He spoke softly and modestly. But he loved to philosophize. Always a little bit lost in thoughts.

    Zaharchenko!!! Andrei Movchan was not a threat to anyone, so stop telling lies! Not only that he had no weapons, he didn’t even have any means of protection! Andrei wasn’t a militant, you get it? Look at his Facebook profile. The investigators can track his calls, mail, contacts – there was nothing there, not a word, that would prove he was a threat to anyone.

    Translated by Paweł Łapiński


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2 Responses to Stage Manager: Andrei Movchan, 34 years old

  1. Andrea Sherlock says:

    Rest In Peace dear brave soul.

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