Riots in Downtown Kyiv Today, Feb. 18 – Afternoon Events from 12:01 – 12:45

RIOTS IN DOWNTOWN KYIV – ongoing updates.

Large groups of Maidan activists walked in a procession to the Verkhovna Rada [Parliament], demanding reinstatement of the 2004 version of the Ukrainian Constitution. The area was surrounded by law enforcement. The situation escalated fast.

Right now, clashes continue between protesters and law enforcement, aided by titushkas [hired thugs]. The police used traumatic weapons and stun grenades. As of 15-30, Kyiv time, several protesters are dead, dozens injured. The situaiton continues to escalate.

Earlier updates:

– Events of the Morning 08:55-11:00
– Events of the Morning 11:06-12:01


18.02.2014 12:04 _ Tetyana Pelmeshka:
 Tetyana Pelmeshka

Around 300 “titushky” drove by Mariinsky Park.

18.02.2014 12:04
  Lesya Orobets
Activists took 5 police, presumably those that guard the offices of the Party of Regionals

18.02.2014 12:04
Yuri Derevyanko

Members of the Party of Regions left the session hall, the communists tried to get out but deputies of Svoboda party and other opposition groups did not let them out.
Gnap: Near the Ministry of Health building, light and noise grenades severed a protester’s arm to the elbow.


18.02.2014 _  left bank,

In the Council – a lot of wounded. They throw grenades with bolts and screws attached. Among the “Berkut” are soldiers with guns.

The Party of Regions members are escaping the session hall, part of the communists are blocked by the opposition.

18.02.2014 12:11 _ Alexander Briginets

It seems the authorities realize, that another scenario, other than fighting, not all employees of government quarter were given the command to flee to their homes.

12:11 Euromaidan activist’s car is set on fire.

18.02.2014 12:11 _ Jeka Kotenko:
Injured photographer Gleb Haranych. The grenade exploded right on his flak jacket.


18.02.2014 _
Protesters threw bricks and fireworks at Rayisa Bohatyryova, Ministry of Health Care of Ukraine, shouting, “prostitute, whore, sellout!” in her direction.

This happened when the minister was walking from the Mariyinsky Park to the Parkova Road, Vladymyr Silyakov informed NikVesti.

He also said that the security immediately surrounded Ms. Bohatyryova, opened an umbrella over her head and escorted her to the car.

18.02.2014 12:13
 Lesya Orobets

Protesters occupied and began to put out the first floor of the Party of Regions office. They also took the basement where Regions were parking. From the house they are bringing out documents. Some are being burned, some are for further study. On the rest of the floors there is still an ongoing struggle.

02/18/2014 12:19 _ Natalie Sokolenko:
In the courtyard of the Party of Regions office a car was set on fire and is severely burning. The vehicles – is standing in the office lot, it probably belongs to someone who comes to the office.

Фото Сергія Грішина


02/18/2014 _ Ukrainian Pravda:
As of 12:21 on Lipsky St., Berkut went on the offensive from Philip Orlik Street.
At the forefront of the security forces Berkut is using guns with rubber bullets.
Followed by titushky with iron pipes.

Titushky are with Berkut.

Berkut is scattering people, for some it gives them thrills.
Activists are back on Institutska Street.

Protestors arranged a first-aid station on Hrushevskiy Street: 10 injured there.
The anti-government protestors have arranged a first-aid station in the Central officers building of the armed forces, located at 30/1 Hrushevskiy Street, Kyiv.
The entrance to the first-aid station is guarded by 5 activists of Euromaidan Self-Defense League. Journalists are not allowed into the building, but according to them, up to ten injured activists are inside.
As clarified by journalists, the medical station was placed in the ground floor hall of the building. The building employees did not interfere.
Olha Bohomolets calls on doctors to volunteer and assist at first-aid stations, where the injured protestors are taken – please contact: +38(063) 2330303.


02/18/2014 _ Vladimir Tishchenko:


 Andrew Illyenko

In the Officers House is now an equipped clinic. The wounded get help here. They are very needed medicines!


18.02.2014 _ Lesya Orobets

“Titushky” at the Regionals Party Office broke the cameras of 2 reporters. “Berkutushky” peacefully watch all of this, guarding the charred Regionals office.

“Protesters in attack. Kyiv 18.02.2014”


The Party of Regions supporters are preparing to fight with Maidaners.

Continued here: Events of the Afternoon 12:44-15:50

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