By Михаил Верный
Translated by Ed Young


Ukrainian journalist and political scientist Oleg Leusenko reports from sources in the army that the only reason protesters on the streets of Kyiv have not yet been dispersed is that officers refuse to carry out “criminal orders.” According to the journalist, confusion is rampant in Yanukovych’s camp.

With reference to a conversation with a senior officer in the Ukrainian army, Oleg Luesenko reported in his blog that the authorities decided not to storm opposition positions on Hrushevskovo Street and Independence Square overnight due to the fact that several officers sabotaged their plans.

Among the army there have been “dozens refusals to carry out orders in reference to an article in the constitution: Do not obey criminal orders”, says the journalist. According to his information, this has caused a large amount of tension in the Yanukovych camp.

Another acquaintance of Luesenko, a Ukrainian official, explained that part of the security forces “is simply afraid of a civil war.” Some officers consider that such orders make executioners out of soldiers. As well as this, relatives of servicemen ask them not to take part in such operations.

The journalist considers this version of events to be highly plausible, as, were this not the case, forces would have quickly restored order. “The average serviceman and policeman does not want to stigmatize himself or his family. Furthermore, the sharper ones among them are already sensing the collapse of Yanukovych’s regime and are realizing that they will have to answer for their atrocities in the dock,” Luesenko claims. Incidentally, on Monday evening, the leader of the party ‘UDAR’, Vitali Klytschko, made a statement to the police.

“Officers and soldiers of the Internal Troops, Berkut and other special divisions who do not take part in violent action against protesters, and who join the side of the people, will not be persecuted. Both they and their families will be guaranteed safety,” Klytschko said in his statement.

“Have no fear and join your people. For, indeed, you and your family live in Ukrainian society. And you are the very same citizens against which the government sends you to fight,” said the politician.

Other politicians and deputies, including the leader of the “Right Sector” Dmitrij Yarosh, signed a similar statement. It states that this announcement applies for Internal Troops, all special police divisions, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the army.

However, according to Luesenko’s sources, there are servicemen who are prepared to follow orders. These are “inveterate maniacs in uniform” and those “whom the government have mountains of dirt on.” But these militants are very weak, Luesenko notes.


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  1. Diane Konnerth says:

    officers remember your roots.

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