“Right sector” gave Yanukovych 24 hours for evacuation

Yanukovych should immediately leave. If he resigns as soon as possible, we can guarantee him and his family 24 hours to evacuate from the country.

It was reported in statement of “Right Sector”, posted on the Banderite website according to Espreso.TV.

‘Only such of protest, demonstrated by Ukrainians on the 19th of January, made the gangster regime of Yanukovych start talking about the need for negotiations. However, one must be an absolute fool to believe in the prospects of such negotiations. The only language, that is understood by the current criminal regime, is the language of force.

Therefore, we condemn and completely reject the idea of negotiations with Yanukovych in order to achieve half of the claims, as reported in the statement.

“Right Sector” also reminded opposition politicians, that they caused enormous frustration among the masses of the Ukrainian population anyway. And encouraged them not to go on treacherous, separationist negotiations with the usurper.

‘We consider that the interim government should be formed on a basis of those who really showed his/her leadership skills in the revolutionary struggle. Because of this we still assume the presence of the representatives of present opposition parties in the government as those that continue to have some support among citizens. Therefore, we call on leaders of the opposition parties to come to the side of the people and support our revolutionary demands. People can win even without them, but they without the people will become political corpses, the authors of the statement announced.

Addressing the security forces, members of “Right Sector” have emphasized that the employees of the MIA responsible for criminal anti-people actions (in particular ‘Berkut’ fighters) in any case will be punished. “They have an alternative In front of them: to be punished by the courts or become a victim of people’s chaotic retribution. Selecting the first option, they must immediately stop resistance to rebels, arrest their own officers and give them to the insurgents. In this case, they will increase their chances for amnesty”, nationalists offered.

Source: http://espreso.tv/new/2014/01/20/pravyy_sektor_dav_yanukovychu_24_hodyny_na_evakuaciyu

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