Stealing a free Ukraine
Yuriy Lutsenko – Policies, “Third Ukrainian Republic”
January 16, 2014, 21:17


Diagnosis of reasons: Russian “cheap” loans carry a political cost to independence and democracy in Ukraine.

Diagnosis of methods: PR [Party of Regions] cannot be a party, it’s an OPG [Organized Criminal Group].

Diagnosis of consequences: The dictatorship of the Governor-General of Little Russia, Yanukovych, is ready for legalization.

Treatment Plan:

  1. There is no panic and despair. Our ancestors fought in worse conditions. We are millions and we are stronger than a handful of thieves.
  2. We are creating a Peoples Front Maidan (as I suggested to call the organization from the beginning) and in actuality transform it into a million people’s resistance movement. Maximum self-organization and minimum bureaucracy. The Head of town, county or region – is one who leads the people, not the person on the quota.
  3. Opposition leaders to stop the presidential election campaign. Ratings, combinations and PR – it’s ass-wipe. Otherwise, we will be there all together.

     Instead, politicians ask, if necessary – even on their knees, ask people to shift from demonstrations on the weekend to storm the ruling gang from Unity Day [the anniversary of the unification of eastern and western Ukraine in 1919, celebrated annually] on January 22nd, forward.

  4. At the appointed time, a mobilization of all Ukrainians – to the capital. With their cars, buses, trucks, tractors – to fight for a free Ukraine. Mayors of free cities and towns – we invite you on a trip to Kyiv with all your community households. Students – to the street, to fight for your European future. Kyivans – to the street, to fight for your capital’s honor. Politicians – to the street, along with your families and helpers, in your cars and on foot – to fight for democracy in this country.

You will lose nothing. The adopted laws – are a high security prison for anyone who feels themselves a free man.

This is the time when you check your own practice of “soul and body we’ll lay down, for our freedom!” [from the national anthem].

This is the moment of truth.


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