#Maidan Diary: humans against neanderthals.

Our team continues to acquaint you with “insides” from the Ukrainian protests. In reality, we couldn’t see in our authorities who we are as a people … It seems to us, that we are not able to reach agreement with them according to any laws – divine or human. Ukrainian MP Lesya Orobets muses on why this is so…

Politico-business Neanderthals.

More and more, especially in light of recent events with the cripplings of [journalist] Chornovol and [activist] Pylypets (https://maidantranslations.wordpress.com/2013/12/26/violations-of-human-rights-in-ukraine-during-euromaidan-petition-for-ukrainain-ombudsman-valeria-lutkovska/), it seems to me that for a definition of Maidan’s battle against Yanukovych, terms like “bourgeois democratic revolution,” or dichotomies like “feudalism vs. capitalism,” are overly complicated constructions. Only a few people in this “government” are able to think in these categories.

It seems that everything is easier [if you realize] the creatures with whom we are fighting simply belong to another biological species. For whom maiming and killing everyone and everything, taking away everything from everyone and devouring all – is not something that is not perfectly normal, nor can they imagine how it could be otherwise. They’re just somehow lost in time.

Although, as anthropologists say, the size of the skull in this species is almost the same as in humans, but the brain functions more primitively. The region responsible for vision and hearing has developed perfectly well, and also registers possible flashes of episodic abstract thinking.

For example, “crafty” state procurements, reading the text from a page, signing the “agreement” about the gas terminal with the ski instructor [an actual historic event regarding one such government “contract”:  http://www.businessinsider.com/jordi-sarda-bonvehi-tricks-ukraine-2012-12], or attempts to cheat Füle [Stefan, European Commissioner for Enlargement] with the money – these all are desperate attempts to demonstrate abstract thinking. Which basically failed, but it doesn’t matter – sight, hearing and grasping reflexes still work – these are primary for survival, the rest is for show.

But in group attacks on a solitary victim at night everything is routine, natural and relaxed. Nonetheless, evolution, the transfer of lessons learned from generation to generation – it’s a great thing. If, somewhere, there is a small educational spark – not to worry, refer back below it. Above it, we try to imitate abstract thinking.

But it wasn’t always so bad. I recall how modern humans conquered the Neanderthals. They advanced through greater flexibility of mind, abstract thinking and availability of language, and united into sufficiently large groups and families, as opposed to small clans of Neanderthals. They developed complex strategies (one group distracts, the other enters from the side). As a result of the more highly developed brain, people also used much better armor and weapons.

That is how people conquered the Neanderthals, 30-40 thousand years ago. We are now left to remove a relatively small group, which got lost in time and is pretending to be human.

Let us remember how evolutionary victory is achieved, and move forward 😉

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