Top 10 video of #Euromaidan. Summary of the year.

Written by Olga Minchenko · December 25, 2013

We offer you 10 most popular video about #Euromaidan. Every year we summing up the year , create a list of the most popular last year Ukrainian video’s . About the results for 2013 we did it also, but  this year decided to do  a special selection of videos from Euromaidan as well.

The top 10 mainly includes video of Ukrainian confrontation with police and riot police . There are also 2 videos from Russian television with it’s misinformation about the  Ukraine. There are also video  displays of creativity and a positive.

1. Dispersal of  #Euromaidan 30 November 2013


2. Vitya, Chao (with english subs)


3. Dmitry Kiselev about dispersal of #Euromaidan and Vitali Klitschko 12/08/2013


4. Berkut. Storming the barricades of #Euromaidan


5. The dispersal of #Euromaidan. Eyewitness (30 November 2013)
633 thousand views


6. #Euromaidan dispersed. Up-and-downer (30 November 2013).


7. #Ukraine. Demonstrants attack presidential headquarter.
570 thousand views


8. #Euromaidan 2013 – Technology of europrovocations. Made in RussianTV.
404 thousand views


9. Michael Schur – guitar strumming (with english subs)
390 thousand views


10. #EUROMAIDAN Day ‘N’ Nite HD
382 thousand views


“#Anthem of #Ukraine” 200 thousand people at #Euromaidan

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