41 -year-old Paul Masurenko died after he was severely beaten by “Berkut” on December 18. His friend Sergiy Sirotenko informed about it Gazeta.ua . However, the city capital police denies the fact of beating and says that the man died of bilateral pneumonia.

According to Sirotenko, on December 18 Kiev police brutally beat Paul. The next day he told about it on the phone to his friend Sergiy saying it was “because of Maidan”. A Berkut group allegedly found the victim on his way home, asked for the ID documents. He did not have the original papers with him, only a copy, and because of this Berkut concluded that he arrived to Kiev to participate in the Maidan protests.

With the words ,”We are so tired of your Maidan” three Berkut officers severely beat Paul and left him on the street. Eventually he managed to get home. His wife called for the ambulance. Upon arrival, doctors offered a hospitalization. Paul refused being hospitalized fearing high hospital expenses. But it didn’t go well. Two days later he died in the intensive care at the hospital on 12 Pidvysotskogo St.

Shevchenkyvskyi district police captain arrived to the hospital because Paul’s medical records stated that he was beaten on Maidan. Captain recorded Paul’s wife Lesya testimony. She told about all the facts related to his death. The body was sent to the examination. Today the cause of death was established – pneumonia. Lesya is in shock. “A man is killed and they blamed it on pneumonia”, wrote Sirotenko on his Facebook. He told Gazeta.ua that they initially did not press charges. At this point, according to Sirotenko, the wife of the deceased is looking for a good lawyer.

The Capital City Police confirmed Paul Masurenko’s death. However, they do not relate death and the beating. They say that the victim blamed the beating on the unknown persons on Maidan.

“On December 21, a man called in for medical help. We received the crime alert from the doctors, but not from the victim himself, that he had a head injury. Policemen arrived at the hospital, the victim did not want to write a complaint, but still gave his testimony. In it he pointed out that the unknown persons inflicted injuries on him at the Independence Square. This was his official explanation. This complaint is registered. It was listed in the Shevchenkyvskyi police station data base.”- said the press secretary of the Kiev police Olga Bilyk. According to her, the examination confirmed that the man had bilateral pneumonia. This was the cause of death. “The doctors provided a medical opinion to the police station that the cause of death had nothing to do with injuries ,” – said the spokesperson.

By Maryana Shevchuk

Source: Gazeta.Ua

Translation from Ukrainian:
Oksana Sudoma

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