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Desecration of Holocaust Victim Memorials in Odessa “An Obvious Provocation”

Desecration of Holocaust Victim Memorials in Odessa “An Obvious Provocation” Source: http://eajc.org/page32/news44424.html 11.04.2014 Vandalized Holocaust memorials, erected to commemmorate the Jews who were shot, burned to death, or killed in ghettoes and concentration camps, are being investigated in Odessa by … Continue reading

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The Jewish Division of Ukraine’s Heaven’s Hundred

The Jewish Division of Ukraine’s Heaven’s Hundred Source: http://eajc.org/page34/news43797.html 11.03.2014 Vyacheslav Likhachev (After a rabbi’s prayer, fighters from the ”Right Sector” and the police join in a funeral salute at Alexander Scherbanyuk’s funeral in Chernivtsi) Those who died at the … Continue reading

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A Child’s Letter to the Right Sector

Originally posted on Euromaidan PR:
At 19:36 on February 12, we received the following message: You know, I don’t know whether you are going to publish this, but I would like to tell you a very sad story nevertheless. I…

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