Oleg Sentsov letter: “Everyone understands that I will not back down”

By Oleg Sentsov, shared by Tatiana Shchur, human rights activist
06.09.2017 [June 9, 2018]
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Oleg Sentsov, almost a year and a half ago, in SIZO-3 in Chelyabinsk, en route to Yakutia. Photo: Tatiana Shchur

A letter from Oleg Sentsov was received on June 7. Our letter with Nikolay Shchur, with greetings from [prominent political dissident of the 1950s-70s] Bukovsky, sent on May 31, was given to him on June 5. And here is the answer. With a request (which is totally not characteristic of Oleg) to write, “if there is, something interesting, but you know my needs: in point of fact, and for every day.” Yes, Oleg. We know what you are waiting for, what we are all waiting for. VICTORY. FREEDOM.
And, although I am against the publication of personal correspondence, I think that we have no right now to hide anything concerning his situation.
In the photo, Oleg almost a year and a half ago in SIZO-3 in Chelyabinsk. En route to Yakutia.
Read the letter.

Oleg Sentsov’s Letter Transcript:

“”Tatiano and Nikolai, hello! It’s nice to receive a letter from you with news in it. Thank you very much for the letter and for everything you do for me and Sasha [Kolchenko]. I know that he is now also on hunger strike, but where is he with his health and constitution? But it’s not necessary to persuade him not to, as  Bukovsky said correctly. If a person has decided, then he’s decided.

I am, by the way, not especially a fan of Bukovsky’s works, but I respect him as a person very much.

Give him a huge hello and thank him for the advice. True, I knew all of this before beginning my hunger strike, so I prepared for this step consciously, but nonetheless thank you for the concern. They take care of me well here. The doctor constantly examines me, analyses, examinations, drops. As to the fourth week of the flight, the pilot feels fine! Further, we will see, but everyone understands that I will not back down, so they are preparing options for the further preservation of my health. So do not worry about this yet. During the day, they have even transferred me from the cell to the local sanitary unit of the camp, giving me a separate ward. So I am now a sick prisoner, not just a prisoner. :))

More in principle, I have no other personal news. So write, if there is something interesting, but you know my needs: in point of fact, and for every day. Huge greetings to all of ours and to just good people.

Oleh. 06/07/18 “

Source: Tatiana Shchur FB

Summary of Sentsov’s case:
–  convicted by the North Caucasus Military District Court to 20 years in prison on falsified charges of “creating a terrorist organization and committing two acts of terrorism;” filmmaker Oleg Sentsov, who simply stood on Maidan and opposed Russia’s annexation and occupation of Crimea:
– was supposed to serve his sentence in Ukraine as part of a prisoner exchange deal;
– was subsequently denied that option on false grounds;
– is currently on the 27th day of an indefinite hunger strike, not for himself, but demanding the Kremlin release all Ukrainian political prisoners


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