Share the Gift of the Holidays with Ukraine War Amps: Vadim Shalatovsky

By Senior Voices of Ukraine Staff

Vadim Shalatovsky, was on Maidan in Khmelnytsky city, took part in the Revolution of Dignity and became a member of the Defence Ministry’s “Aidar” battalion. In the second wave of mobilizations, he left his business and was mobilized to the Armed Forces of Ukraine on August of 2014 and was killed in fighting on the highway between Luhansk–Shchastya in eastern Ukraine. Their unit was ambushed, cunningly arranged by the pro-Russia terrorist forces, after which his family and friends did not know for 6 months whether he was dead or alive. He is buried in the town of Khmelnytsky. He was 31.

After the start of the ATO [Anti-Terrorist Operation], Vadim told his wife that he would not lie on the couch, but would go to protect his family because he was a paratrooper. In the battalion, Vadim was remembered for his care over the wounded soldiers.

Khmelnytsky’s City Council stated: “Vadim was a true son of his people, a passionate patriot, a fearless man who in his life purposefully moved toward justice and honor, who always wanted to live in a single and independent Ukrainian state and could not stay away from the events that unfolded in Eastern Ukraine. Vadim paid the highest price – his life for a free Ukraine, for its happy future.” Vadim Shalatovsky has received numerous medals and awards for courage and the defense of the Luhansk airport.

Vadim’s wife Natalia Shalatovska has 2 children: Khrystyna who is 9 years old and Kyrylo who is 7 years old. Vadim spent every free moment with his children, always ready for anything with them. Natalia went through many months of anxiety and uncertainty at the bitterness of loss; her husband was considered missing at first, and then he was found through DNA testing, and then there was the funeral. During all of this time she could not even cry, so as not to frighten the kids even more. Now she is trying to cope with life’s problems alone, for example needed house repairs, which she was going to do with her husband, but which have become an unattainable dream.

The family of the deceased received some immediate assistance from the platform “People Helping People” in Ukraine following his death but currently is not receiving support from any organization other than Ukraine War Veterans (UWA) through their I CARE About Fallen Hero’s Family program. UWA needs your help to provide assistance to the fallen hero’s family on a monthly basis.

During this holiday season, share some holiday love with Vadim’s children and widow by giving to them directly via UWA’s I CARE program. 

To join the UWA team and support Vadim’s wife and children via
I CARE About Fallen Hero’s Family
please visit the following link:
 get in touch through the following email:

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REUTERS: Ukrainian honor guards carry coffins bearing bodies of members of Defence Ministry’s battalion ” Aydar”, who were killed last year in the fighting near Luhansk in eastern Ukraine, during a funeral ceremony at Independence Square in central Kiev March 25, 2015.

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About Ukraine War Amps:
Founded in July 2014, Toronto-based Ukraine War Amps is a worldwide community whose sole purpose is to assist amputees, severely injured soldiers and patriots who have been fighting for the liberty of Ukraine during Russia’s ongoing invasion and war against it. The Ukraine War Amps community is comprised of caring people who sponsor and support Ukraine’s heroes and their families.

UWA has an international team of volunteers working 24/7 all over the world and on the ground in Ukraine to make aid available and deliver it directly to the recipient’s doorstep or bedside in any city, town or village within Ukraine in a timely manner.

• Adopt a Soldier project: Provides monthly stipends of approximately $50 USD to as many Ukrainian heroes as it can. One hundred percent of the proceeds go towards Ukrainian veterans. Adopt a Soldier establishes a unique bridge between the donor and the amputee. The donor helps on a monthly basis so both parties are always connected. Some UWA supporters have had the opportunity to meet with the heroes and their families in person, others communicate through phone, Facebook, emails, or Skype. This helps supporters to learn more about their adoptee and his or her family and gives them a better understanding of the adoptee’s needs, situation and what can be done to bring them to the level of living they deserve. It also gives hope to the Ukrainian hero and the knowledge and experience that they are not forgotten.

• I CARE about Fallen Hero’s Family project: provides assistance to the fallen heroes’ families on a monthly basis. UWA founders Gene Berezovski and John Broadhead say that they have discovered, through personal experience, that not only the war amps, but their families also need help – the fallen heroes’ families suffer as well.

To help support the Adopt a Soldier and I CARE programs
please access both through this link:

You may also contact us at:

For more information, please visit the official UWA website


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