Slovyansk’s pedestrian crossings now have motivational slogans (photos)

By, a magazine publication of urban life in the big city. Photos by Larissa Kovalenko, Alexei Ovchinnikov, Marina Danilova
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Participants of the platform “Zmіsto” created motivational pedestrian crossings in Slovyansk [Donetsk oblast], Ukraine.

"Life is beautiful when it’s colorful"

“Life is beautiful when it’s colorful”

At the initiative of the platform Zmisto and with support of the municipal enterprise “water table” Slovyansk increased the number of pedestrian crossings in the city, according to [the City of Slovyansk’s website].

"Live – Breathe – Stride – Wilfully"

“Live – Breathe – Stride – Wilfully”

The pedestrian crossings are also decorated with motivating inscriptions: “You are your own country,” “Everything will be all right,” “Life is beautiful when it’s colorful” and others.

"You are your own country"

“You are your own country”

The plan is to paint a total of five such crosswalks in Slovyansk, at intersections in different parts of the city. All of the materials necessary to implement this initiative have been procured with grants from the US Agency for International Development – USAID.



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