Letter from Oleg Sentsov posted by Gennadii Afanasiev #LetMyPeopleGo

By Oleg Sentsov, letter posted by former political prisoner Gennadii Afanasiev
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Photo source: EspressoTV

Photo source: EspressoTV

Gennadii writes as an intro:
A letter from Oleg Sentsov. From our invincible prisoner !!!

“To everyone who finds this interesting!

For the third year now, I am sitting in a Russian prison. For the third year now, a war is being waged against my country. The enemy is fighting in a vile, secret, underhanded way, pretending that they have nothing to do with it. No one believes them any longer, but this does not stop them. War is never pretty, but the truth is nonetheless on our side – we did not attack anyone, we are defending ourselves. But beyond this main enemy, who is on the outside and known to everyone, there are also others. They are smaller, but they are internal, right under the skin, almost ones of our own. But they are on our side; they are only [working] for themselves. Some of them are left over from the old times, some just want to live in the old way, but with a new face. It won’t work. The big [enemy] and the smaller ones have different goals, but our path is different from all of them. And I’m not going to say  ‘let’s see who wins.’ I already know who will win. The struggle for freedom and progress is unstoppable.

Many of us are in captivity in Russia, and even more in Donbas. Some have already been released, others are waiting and hoping. Each has his own history and conditions of detention. Some use prisoners to earn PR points, others do real work. Becoming a more famous prisoner to get exchanged more swiftly than others – this is not the path I would like to walk. I do not want to steal the spotlight for myself. I want to remain just a name on the general list. It is unlikely that I will be the last to get offered freedom, but that would be a good choice.

Here, in captivity, we are restricted. Not in our freedom – that is something that cannot be taken away – but in being able to do very little for our country. More precisely, there is only one thing that we can do – to hold on. Don’t pull us out at any cost – that will not bring victory sooner. Instead, use us as a weapon against the enemy. Know that we are not your weak spot. If we are destined to become the nails in the tyrant’s coffin, then I would like to be that nail. Just know that this nail does not bend.

Sentsov Oleg Hennadevych”

Gennadii ends with:
Write letters to our indomitable hero! Declare your solidarity with him! 
677,004, Ruspublyka Sakha (Yakutia), Yakutsk g, st. Ochychenko, d. 25 PKU IR-1

Source: Gennadii Afanasiev FB

Further reading, for background on Afansiev and Sentsov:
Halya Coynash, “Oleg Sentsov: I would like to be a nail in the tyrant’s coffin. This nail will not bend”

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