Nadiya Savchenko update – April 14, 2016 #FreeSavchenko

By Nadiya Savchenko, posted by her lawyer Nikolai Polozov after visiting her at SIZO-3 prison in Novocherkassk
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine


Lawyer Nikolai Polozov visited Nadiya in prison today and writes:

“After over 5 hours of waiting, they let me into the prison.
Nadiya’s sister Vira was not allowed in today.

As I had expected, they’ve been pumping Nadiya with intravenous infusions all day. She showed me her arms – they have needle marks all over, she has no “live” veins left. The doctors even tried searching for veins [suitable for injection] in her legs.

The state of her health is bad. The drip, of course, had an effect on the test results, and her blood has become less viscous, but this is only a palliative [stop-gap]. After 9 days of dry hunger strike, the deficit of water [dehydration] in Nadiya’s body is destroying her internal organs. Her general condition is strongly affecting her mood. The general emotional atmosphere is extremely negative.

After several days of pressuring and demands, the Federal Penitentiary Service officials today handed [Ukrainian] Consuls the results of tests made on Monday and today [April 14, Thursday]. They [the Consuls] will hand them over to doctors in Ukraine, to receive an expert opinion.

Nadiya was very much looking forward to meeting her sister Vira today. Her intention was to make some tough decisions after this meeting. I fear that the head of the prison’s refusal to allow Vira in will serve as a catalyst for Nadiya making these decisions.

Starting tomorrow, she will be refusing [further] tests and examinations by Russian doctors, she will continue her dry hunger strike without any ongoing monitoring. Given the state of her health, she has four, or five days maximum.

Nadiya Savchenko does not believe that the question of her freedom will be resolved swiftly and with a positive outcome. She has no faith in the politicians, who are distracted and dealing with their own problems.

In parting, Nadiya said: “If my dry hunger strike has no effect on anything, then perhaps my death will have meaning.”

Source: Nikolai Polozov FB

Polozov also posted a letter written by Nadiya’s sister Vira, which Vira wrote after waiting for hours at the Novocherkassk prison yet being denied the promised visit to see her sister: 

“To the Head of FKU SIZO-3
GUFSIN [Federal Penitentiary Service of] Russia #10
Colonel of Interior Services
A. Y. Kalganov
From Savchenko, Vira Viktorovna
Passport #…
Ukraine, Kyiv


In connection with the obstacles you have created to stop me from meeting with my own sister, the charged Ukrainian citizen Savchenko, Nadezhda Viktorovna, born 1981, I request that you immediately provide a written explanation of the reasons for your decision, with specific references to the legal code of the Russian Federation which regulates this. [This is also in connection with] your informing the Ukrainian Consuls that arranging family visits [to prisoners] lies specifically in YOUR competence.


[Signature of receipt]

Letter written by Vira Savchenko to Col. A.Y. Kalganov, head of the SIZO-3 prison in Novocherkassk.

Letter written by Vira Savchenko to Col. A.Y. Kalganov, head of the SIZO-3 prison in Novocherkassk.

Vira Savchenko also added an update on her own Facebook page soon after: 

“Nadiya is hanging on with the last shreds of her strength. She has lost her faith, but is still hoping… They did not let me in; A.Y. Kalganov, head of SIZO-3 prison, sent off a request for permission to the court of Hundorivka (Donetsk, Rostov region) again!))) Polozov saw her, she was very angry and disappointed.

Do you hear this? Populists!? What were you saying, again? “We have good news! We know that Nadiya will be here within a week!” – “No, no, I know! She will be in Ukraine on April 12-15!”

So where is Nadiya !? She is there, holding the front for you! And you keep gorging yourself, shaking, and running around VR [Verkhovna Rada]. Your time is short…. and growing shorter. We will not forgive you for this…”


Source: Vira Savchenko FB

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2 Responses to Nadiya Savchenko update – April 14, 2016 #FreeSavchenko

  1. Hector Algravez says:

    Every day that goes without her freedom my soul darkens out of rage at the politics that care little for life and justice. Dear Nadiya, hang on.

  2. Gary Woytowich - Cлавко Bоитовіч says:

    Тримайте вашу надію і силу в живих. Любов, молитви і світ для вас. Благословен.

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