Nadiya Savchenko – Letters from prison March 23, 2016 #FreeSavchenko

By Nadiya Savchenko, tweeted by her lawyer Mark Feygin and posted by her sister Vira Savchenko
Posted on 03.23.2016
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

AP Photo/Ivan Sekretarev

AP Photo/Ivan Sekretarev

Nadiya Savchenko’s lawyer Mark Feygin writes on the first letter he tweets:
“Just came out from meeting with Nadiya Savchenko in prison. She has no regrets and thanks everyone.”

Savchenko writes:
“Thank you – to the deputies of Ukraine, and all the people from Ukraine and Russia who came to support me on the day of the verdict. That was great! We showed everyone an obvious revelation that the Russian court is not the law, but a Big Top Circus!

The judges and prosecutors looked totally miserable, and after the trial went to drown their troubles in vodka! Their torment is finally over! Or so they think. In truth, by passing my verdict, they signed a death sentence for themselves!

Ukrainians – thank you for the Anthem and Flag of Ukraine in the Russian courtroom! :)))

With Ukraine in my heart,
and with sincere gratitude to you.
[signed] Nadiya Savchenko.

Thank you to my three lawyers, Feygin, Polozov and Novikov, for standing in the courtroom like a powerful wall, protecting me from evil eyes, evil tongues and evil people even on the day of the verdict, even though they had no obligation to do so.

Thank you for going through this battle with me to the end!

[signed] Nadiya Savchenko.


I sincerely thank you for not leaving me. Together, we will not abandon other Ukrainians held captive in Russia, and we will save Ukraine! I eagerly await our meeting, FREE and in Ukraine!

With Ukraine in my heart,
and with gratitude to you
[signed] Nadiya Savchenko.

[to her sister, Vira Savchenko]

Little Hamster, if I didn’t have a sister like you, I would have perished a long time ago. Kisses on your nose. 🙂 ”

Source: Mark Feygin Twitter 1

Feygin writes on the second letter he tweets:
“Nadiya renewed her agreement with me.”

Savchenko writes: 

“To my lawyer Mark Feygin


After the verdict in my case is announced, please remain my lawyer and continue representing my defense in the Russian Federation.

I forbid for you to file any appeal, petition for a pardon, or admission of guilt in my case in your name, or to carry out any action without my consent.

Should you act against my will as described above, I will consider your actions a betrayal, immediately renouncing you as my lawyer.

I demand that my defense is conducted with maximum transparency in the legal, political and medical aspects, as it has been until now.

23.03.2016                                                                                [signed] Nadiya Savchenko

Source: Mark Feygin Twitter 2

This one appeared on the Savchenkos’ official correspondence page:

“Thank you to the good people of the world for making my final day of trial so brilliant and unforgettable! 🙂 

I sincerely thank you, that for all this time of my captivity in the Prison of the Peoples–Russia, you did not give me reason to lose heart, and showed me that there is a lot of good in the world. 

I am alive thanks to you.

With sincere appreciation
[signed] Nadiya Savchenko.

Source: Nadiia Savchenko FB 


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