Nadiya Savchenko letter: “The world will not forgive Russia the murder of two Savchenko sisters!” #FreeSavchenko

By Nadiya Savchenko, posted on Facebook by her sister Vira Savchenko
Posted on 03.20.2016
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Editor’s note: Nadiya Savchenko is back in court tomorrow and Tuesday, March 21 and 22nd, for the court’s final verdict in her kangaroo show trial in Rostov-on-Don, Russia (where a plane crashed on landing yesterday, killing 62 people and closing the airport for her trial). March 21st will be Nadiya’s 95th day of her second hunger strike in prison within a year and her 641st day of illegal imprisonment. Her lawyers and the #FreeSavchenko campaign have called for a Global Day of Action on both these days and the #LetMyPeopleGo campaign is calling for a Twitter Storm. Please go to both hashtags for further information.

“To the people!

My sister, Vira, wants to come support me in court during the verdict announcement, and then afterwards, when I’m on [dry] hunger strike, to stand at the gates of the prison to the end and fight for me.

We all know the story of the Navalny brothers. In Russia, the younger brother was imprisoned, to serve as a hostage, so that the older brother’s hands would be tied.

To avoid the same happening to my sister, against whom Russia has already opened a criminal case, so as to punish her for fighting against the Russian authorities for her sister – they keep frequently asking [me] when she’s going to arrive – I declare the following:

If they dare detain Vira and throw her in prison, we will both announce a dry hunger strike, from the first day of her imprisonment and until our death or return to Ukraine!

The world will not forgive Russia the murder of two Savchenko sisters!

Two Savchenko’s are definitely too much for the Russian torturers to handle! They couldn’t even deal with one!

With this decision, we will nip in the bud all their attempts to make us weak in separation! We are together, in life and in death! And united in our love for Ukraine! Together we will win!

[signed] Nadiya Savchenko.”

Source: Vira Savchenko’s FB


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This translation work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. 

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2 Responses to Nadiya Savchenko letter: “The world will not forgive Russia the murder of two Savchenko sisters!” #FreeSavchenko

  1. A very brave and true patriot and will remain so until the end. Slava Ukraine.

  2. mariapaneyko says:

    LIGHT and LOVE to you !!!

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