Nadiya Savchenko’s letter to all Ukrainians. #FreeSavchenko

By Nadiya Savchenko
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

This letter was given by Nadiya Savchenko to her lawyer Nikolay Polozov who posted it to social media, writing:

“I visited with Nadiya Savchenko in the detention center. Today, on the 26th day of her hunger strike, she has lost more than 15 kg; it is clear that it is hard for her, but she’s holding it together.

Nadiya’s health raises concerns. She feels pain in the pancreas, bouts of nausea. [My] persuasions to stop the hunger strike were unfortunately fruitless.
In spite of everything, Nadiya shows incredible fortitude of spirit. Here is her address to Ukrainians:”

To Ukrainians,

It’s a good day, dear people!

The holidays have passed. I trust they were full, generous, happy, joyful! 🙂 I very much hope they were so.

I did not have a holiday, but I was joyful for you.

I’m still sitting here [in prison], on hunger strike, holding it together and fighting! I believe this cursed hell will soon collapse and crumble into ruin and oblivion, as it deserves!

I will be happy to see you again, hear you and talk with you at my trial. And I believe that FREEDOM IN UKRAINE is already very near!!!

Ukraine above all else!
Glory to Ukraine!

[Signed] Nadiya Savchenko


Source: Nikolay Polozov FB

Her sister Vira Savchenko also posted an endearing note from Nadiya with very warm wishes for Vira’s birthday today. We join with Nadiya and the world to wish Vira a very happy birthday, with much strength, protection and love! 


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