Maidan has won.

Voices of Ukraine, Editorial staff
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Maidan answered the most important post-Soviet question and on it’s 1 year anniversary, the road – still –  leads only forward

Maidan encompasses the positive realization of such things as Euromaidan, anti-government protests, civil resistance, Automaidan, protests against the restriction of civil liberties, a Revolution of Dignity, the spirit of cooperative public involvement, volunteerism, the building of civil society, unity in diversity, EuromaidanSOS, makeshift triage centers, self-defense groups or sotnias, internet activism, cultural protest, Warriors of Light, Slava Ukraini! Heroyam Slava!

Maidan was born of two very simple yet unwavering desires. The first is to throw off corruption and install a functioning rule of law in Ukraine (which means death to the oligarchy as it has existed). The second is to connect back to the fundamental democratic values it was always historically associated with before the rupture of Soviet rule. And Maidan delivered. In fact its success is what made Putin’s invasion of Ukraine necessary, he was losing control of its governing forces. Maidan at core is precisely that self-determining moment of self-emancipation.

Military analyst and MP Dmitry Tymchuk has written: “Maidan has won….without Maidan, we remained a sad fragment of the ‘Sovok,’ a stillborn offspring of the USSR. Maidan gave Ukraine its soul.

They say: Maidan showed something to the whole world. I think it’s not about the world, it’s about us. Ukrainians have answered their most important ‘post-Soviet’ question: whether they are slaves or whether they are ready to build a free country as free men. The answer turned out to be proud, convincing, and impressive. With this answer, the road leads only forward. If only, for the sake of the immortal Heavenly Hundred.”

All photographs are by Serhiy Takhmazov.
Click on images for enlargement/slide show:

Photographic source: Serhiy Takhmazov FB

Quotation source: Dmitry Tymchuk, Head of the Center for Military and Political Research, Coordinator of the Information Resistance group and MP (People’s Front), in 2014 Military Summary.

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1 Response to Maidan has won.

  1. Linda Hull says:

    I miss receiving your emails and timely reports about events on the war front in Ukraine, especially Dmitry Tymchuk’s reports!

    At first I thought I had mail problems, do I? I operate an IRC channel to share information and talk about Ukraine. Please reply to me and tell me how to get such news now and in the future? We ever support you in prayers and sharing information about the needs and TRUTH about Ukraine, not Russian lies and disinformation. Thanks for being there and sharing your news.

    chalcedonyLindaIrc Undernet Org User-com Coordinator @IrcUndernetOrg – Twitter

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