– JAN 31 thru FEB 1, 2015 –

In the hopes of continuing to put pressure onto key people who may be able to influence the release of Ukrainian MP/pilot Nadiya Savchenko as she enters her 50th day of hunger strike tomorrow (Feb. 1st), we have teamed up with other individuals globally to form a few Nadiya Savchenko Action Days. The action requested and info needed will all be provided in one post. Today, please help to “write a letter” to a very key figure, the Chair of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe (COE). The Committee of Ministers, with the Parliamentary Assembly, is the guardian of the Council’s fundamental values and monitors member compliance.
(It would be good to write to your own foreign affairs minister as well). The reason is explained in the sample example letter below. You can copy this one and use it as is, or as a template you modify. Please do so in the next 24 hours and send it by email to the addresses at the bottom (2). You can also tweet a jpg of it to the Chair if you know how to do that and prefer to use Twitter (account address at bottom). If you are French please write in French as the Chair speaks French. That’s it, it’s that simple and easy. But please stop, take 4 min and do it now! THANK YOU!

Mr. Didier Reynders, Chairperson of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe (COE)

Dear Mr. Didier Reynders:

I ask that you consider a matter, whose inattention will have serious repercussions on public confidence in the Assembly’s willingness to stand for its principles.

The Parliamentary Assembly called on the Russian authorities to release Nadiya Savchenko within 24 hours and to ensure her return to Ukraine or hand her over to a third country (Resolution 2034). I urge the Committee of Ministers and you personally as its Chair to take action to ensure the release of Ms Savchenko, a Ukrainian fighter pilot who was captured on Ukrainian soil and subsequently incarcerated in a Russian prison and who has parliamentary immunity as a member of the Parliamentary Assembly. Mr. Pieter Omtzigt has twice tabled questions about the case of Ms Savchenko (8 October 2014, No. 665 to the Committee of Ministers, Doc.13625; and again on 29 January 2015, No. 678, Doc.13701).

What action has the Committee of Ministers taken in the last four months on the case of Ms Savchenko, and in particular vis-à-vis the Russian authorities, in order to pursue her release? What are the committee’s plans today to actively pursue her release?

Ms Savchenko has been on hunger strike for 48 days and her health is deteriorating rapidly.

In addition to the possible death of Ms. Savchenko, the consequences of inaction include serious damage to the reputation of the Parliamentary Assembly, placing in doubt its commitment to defend the rights it purports to uphold.

Sincerely and with great urgency,

(your name here)

* * * * *


Mr. Didier Reynders


twitter: @dreynders

Send copy to the Secretariat of the Committee of Ministers


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11 Responses to NADIYA SAVCHENKO DAY OF ACTION! #FreeSavchenko

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  3. anatoli says:

    Надежда держись!!! Слава Украине!!!

  4. Goetz Hoehne says:

    Oui, je suis #FreeSavchenko, and I did it now in French per e-mail with my own text. Thank you for your advice. Good luck, Heroyam Slava ! from Berlin / Germany

  5. Людмила says:

    Наша Надіє, нехай вистачить твого духу отримати перемогу і вийти на волю! Героям слава! #FreeSavchenko

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  7. danilops55 says:

    Free Nadiya!

    • chervonaruta says:

      ahem, that’s #FreeSavchenko – please do use the hashtag, it’s important, it helps us make more persuasive arguments to press to write stories! 😉

  8. Xavier Chatellier says:

    Below is an approximate translation of the letter in French:

    Cher Mr Didier Reynders:
    Je vous prie de bien vouloir considérer la question suivante, dont dépend la confiance du public dans la capacité de l’Assemblée Parlementaire à défendre ses principes.

    L’Assemblée Parlementaire a demandé aux autorités russes de libérer Nadiya Savchenko dans un délai de 24 heures et de garantir son retour en Ukraine ou alors de la remettre à un pays tiers (Résolution 2034).

    Je demande au Comité des Ministres et à vous, son Président, de maintenant agir pour assurer la libération de Madame Savchenko, une combattante ukrainienne pilote de l’air, qui a été capturée sur le sol ukrainien et par la suite incarcérée dans une prison russe, et qui bénéficie de l’immunité diplomatique en vertu de son statut de membre de l’Assemblée Parlementaire.

    Mr. Pieter Omtzigt a posé deux fois des questions au sujet du cas de Nadia Savchenko (8 Octobre 2014, No. 665 au Comité des Ministres, Doc.13625; puis à nouveau le 29 Janvier 2015, No. 678, Doc.13701).

    Malgré cela, quelles actions le Comité des Ministres a-t-il entrepris dans les quatre derniers mois au sujet de Nadiya Savchenko, et en particulier à l’égard des autorités russes, afin d’obtenir sa libération? Et quels sont aujourd’hui les plans du Comité pour activement chercher à permettre sa libération?

    Nadiya Savchenko est en grève de la faim depuis 50 jours et son état de santé se détériore rapidement. En plus du possible décès de Madame Savchenko, l’inaction de l’Assemblée Parlementaire aura pour conséquence une dégradation sérieuse de son image, son engagement à défendre les principes et droits qu’elle prétend mettre en avant étant de fait gravement mis en doute.

    Devant l’urgence de la situation, veuillez recevoir l’expression de mes salutations distinguées et pressantes.

    • chervonaruta says:

      Merci, Xavier! That is very much appreciated! If anyone is able, please do still send your letter in French. Everyone could also tweet #FreeSavchenko to let everyone know you sent your letter too!

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