Open Letter to the Almighty God of Facebook. #FreeSavchenko

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 6.51.13 PMBy Olena Lisovska, Ukrainian blogger
Translated by Vyacheslav Іlchenko by request of Anna-Lisa Ryaboshapka and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Dear Sir, Mark Zuckerberg. Dear Sirs of Administration. Dear Board of Directors or the organizational department, or whatever this hellish thing is that we know under the name of Facebook.

I do not know, how best to address you, so will write you as if to a God Almighty.

You surely don’t know that my country is at war. It has been started by our neighbouring country, and it’s like things conducted by that Sukarno guy from Malaysia back in 1966. He was an Indonesian lifelong (I mean it, no joke) president and proclaimed his neighboring country as a fake, where Indonesians need protection. Not Malaysians.
Confused yet?

So, our neighbouring lifelong president, nicknamed “dickhead,” fired up a hybrid war in my country. In fact, it’s not hybrid, but that’s not important. A major part of this hybrid war or whatever it is called, is waged in the form of information warfare, if I may say so.
Unfortunately, one of these information battlegrounds is Facebook.

My countrymen and fellow citizens are being trolled, banned and blocked for writing the truth and for writing about their wishes to not be under “the order” of a neighbouring wannabe empire.

This has taken on an enormous scale.

But even bigger is the scale of lies against my country, proclaimed by either paid or just open scoundrels.

So why am I writing to you – like to God himself?

Because I ask you to give the Ukrainian segment of Facebook a moderator, or whatever person is in the position in charge of constantly blocking us, who has no connections to Kremlin ideology.

It would be great to have the Ukrainian segment not being overseen from Moscow.
Now, unfortunately, everything that’s happening feels exactly like that.
Help us.

It’s just freedom of speech. We do not expect any more.

Thank you for your time.

We are not Charlie Hebdo. We are Ukraine. ‪#‎weareUkraine‬

Source: Olena Lisovska FB

Please join us on Nadiya Savchenko Action Day and write a letter to a very key figure at the Council of Europe, the Chair of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe (COE), Mr. Didier Reynders. A template is below:

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