“The First” – Story of One Interview on the Front Lines (VIDEO w/Eng subtitles)

Right Sector members at a rest stop. Photo by Docutoloka.

Right Sector members at a rest stop.
Photo by Docutoloka.

This video is part of a Neo-Kozak documentary epic, a series of documentary essays titled Rokada [War Road].

Rokada is an ongoing project by Docutoloka, an artistic and documentary community association, founded to create and represent Ukrainian art in the world, and currently dedicated to chronicling the new Russian-Ukrainian war.

“The First” is more than the number of the film in the series. “First” is also the callsign of Dmitry Yarosh – the leader of the Ukrainian Volunteer Corps “Right Sector.” The makers of this video had to take a dangerous journey to meet Callsign First. The resulting interview, interspersed with footage of their trip, is the first documentary of the Rokada series.

Dmytro Yarosh:
We thought that after the revolution, we could engage in civilized politics. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Instead, we were forced to take up weapons again, and this time, not sticks and Molotov cocktails, but actual firearms. With automatic weapons, grenade launchers, machine guns in our hands, we went to defend our Homeland…

Vladimir Demchenko – http://www.facebook.com/DocuToloka
Dennis Strashnyi – http://www.facebook.com/bonaventura.tankovsky
Find more videos in the series on the Docutoloka YouTube channel.

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