Arsen Avakov: We must remain human to overcome the evil shooting at us #FreeSavchenko


Arsen Avakov. Image from WikiPedia.

Arsen Avakov, Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Eight-year-old Tanya Chernobay went to visit the neighbours to watch a movie – [with] Hryhoriy Komarovskyi and Roman Mysochka, boys, 7 and 16 years old.
At 2:45 pm, their private house in Vuhlehirsk was hit from the direction of Yenakiieve by reactive missiles from [MLRS] Grads. The boys died instantly, and the girl was taken to hospital with injuries. She is alive …

You walked the streets, held each other by the hands, had before your eyes the terrorist shooting of the bus near Volnovakha. You walked and each thought about those thousands who died in this war, started by insurgents and the Russians. You walked, and meanwhile they fired into residential neighborhoods… Avdiivka, Krasnohorivka, Vuhlehirsk

Yes, I spoke to the head of the OSCE mission. Yes, he assured me that he would immediately contact the Donetsk insurgents demanding they cease the shelling. Yes, that is all true … but …

Until Russia stops delivering deadly missiles and stops participating in the shooting-up of Ukraine – this war will not end. It’s not about the insurgents and the separatists – [our] people will sweep them away within a week. The only question is, whether the Russians will stop driving deadly missiles into Ukraine in [their] “humanitarian convoys” …

This war will subside and erupt, but the end of this war will only come with the end of Putin’s regime. There will be no other end [to the war] …

This time befell us – the time to endure the trials and the sorrow, the time to be strong. The time not to break down and to endure through hard times. The time to survive and to retain [our] humanity. The time to take care of one another. The time to protect a far-away and unfamiliar house – somewhere in Vuhlehirsk or Mariinka – as your own …

Hang on, people! And remain human – it is the only way to overcome the evil shooting at us …

Source: Arsen Avakov FB 

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