Donetsk region police chief: updates on Debaltseve and Vuhlehirsk today (PHOTOS) #FreeSavchenko

By Vyacheslav Abroskin, Donetsk region police chief
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Today, at 07:45, the terrorists shelled Debaltseve with their artillery.
They damaged homes in the central part of the city. 10 residents with injuries of varying severity were taken to the city hospital. In serious condition is a girl, 8 years old, and her mother, born in 1983.

There was a direct hit to a private home. It killed a boy, 12 years old, and his father.

Employees of the Debaltseve city police department are helping to analyze the debris.

Source: Vyacheslav Abroskin FB

* * * * *

Vuhlehirsk. Terrorists are firing from “Grads” from the Yenakievo side.
A direct hit to a private home. Killing children – boys, 7 and 16 years. A girl, 8 years old, is in serious condition. Decided – to deliver her to Kramatorsk.
An  investigative team is working at the scene.
All that remains of the house.

Source: Vyacheslav Abroskin FB

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1 Response to Donetsk region police chief: updates on Debaltseve and Vuhlehirsk today (PHOTOS) #FreeSavchenko

  1. Marcela says:

    When somebody was telling EU “leaders” year ago, to stop Putin in time, on time, they were just laughing ridiculously.
    Well done. Now you can try to catch them all over EU, that will be great fun, that is all EU leaders can manage f.cked whole EU and beyond. Using civilians like targets and they themself strenghten their own guards. I see these leaders out of date some caveman age. And think it is rude for cavemen anyway.

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