Alexandra Kuzhel: It’s time to sum up the year 2014

By Alexandra Kuzhel, MP (Batkivshchyna Party)
12.31.2014 – Kyiv
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

It’s time to sum up the passing year. What was it like?

Sorrowful, tragic, soaked with the smell of burning tires and the threatening thwack of Berkut batons across shields that separated their black rows from Maidaners.

A year of many sleepless nights filled with anxiety and fear. Yes, fear. Not for myself – but for those who were in mortal danger. For the country. For my own sons, for the sons of others, who became so infinitely dear and close [to me] in an instance.

A year of mourning for the thousands of victims.

But this was also a year of Faith, Hope and Love. Faith in the Lord, who preserved Ukraine and the Ukrainian people with his blessing in the most difficult and tragic moments. Of unwavering (in spite of everything) hope for an equitable government and for the European democratic path of development. Of endless, boundless love and compassion, kindness and willingness to sacrifice all that you have.

I remember, how the tears rolled down from an overwhelming sense of belonging to something vast and infinitely important when I saw how many – an entire sea of people took to Kyiv’s streets. From how our people filled the hospital with medications for years to come in ONE day. As cars were being unloaded on Maidan with all the necessities and Kyiv grandmothers fed us with hot homemade stuffed pies, having spent most of their small pensions on them.

And each [person] became noticeable and indispensable to every other, and vital to anyone who was nearby.

It was a year when every hour, every minute you pay the bills invoiced to you by your conscience and feelings of guilt. Guilt before those who died, guilt before those who are now [fighting] in war. Before their mothers. When you painstakingly search what else you can help with, how to make sure that the country is honest to the people who secured the state, independence, and dignity for all of us.

A year of losses. Large losses of many friends who stopped being friends.

A year of irreplaceable loss – when dear people passed on from this life permanently.

This year has sprouted both pain and pride in me. It highlighted the people around me; in tests of light, many were found to turn black, and, even worse, gray. These gray ones – are the most dangerous. They stand in the way of meeting the true and the most important.

It was a great year. And all of you have made it great.

A low bow to you.

Peace in every home.

And take care of yourselves and your loved ones. In fact, there is nothing more dear than family and loved ones gathered around the table at the parents’ home. Their joyful smiles, their happiness, and quiet sadness of all that has passed and that is still to happen. There is nothing more important than love and faith. There is nothing more important than Ukraine in the heart of each and every one of us.

"Heroyam Slava" - Glory to the Heroes

“Heroyam Slava” – Glory to the Heroes


Children’s art for soldiers: “Ukraine without war”


Source: Alexandra Kuzhel FB

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