Aleksander Babich: Does Ukraine need police reform?

By Aleksander Babich, Founder of “Tudoi-Syudoi” tour agency, historian
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Yesterday, the guys who came from the ATO [anti-terrorist operation zone] for our help brought several “gifts” at our request: expired RPG-18 “Mukhas,” RPG shanks, pieces from ATGMs (anti-tank missles), fragments and shells. This is what we asked them to bring in order to make a memory board for the guys who were killed from the “Storm” [Odesa volunteer battalion] at the Museum of the Department of Internal Affairs in Odesa region. I loaded all of this into the car and spent the whole day driving around the city with these “toys” in the trunk.

Finally, after I met my friend who flew in from Israel today, we went to unload [the car] at the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA). Zeyev is a brilliant tour guide and a very funny guy – he was not at all surprised that I had a trunkload of military stuff that can shoot (he knows that I can transport human bones in there for several days, if there is a need for it) – and he got excited about an occasion to get into a sticky situation.

So, we drive to the corner of Yevreiska and Polska streets. We park in a vacant spot. While we were parking, two officers from the Patrol and Inspection Service [PIS] began to plant their asses on a low fence right in front of us. Clearly, [they were] from amongst those that now patrol the façade of the DIA “to prevent terrorist acts and illegal activities.” We had already started giggling in anticipation of some interesting and different questions, and began to mentally prepare some puns and jokes (I was confident in a positive outcome: I had my “retired cop” ID in my pocket, and if the need arose, the museum folks would be able to explain everything).

[We] open the trunk, set the grenade launchers on our shoulders, and take two bags from which parts of mine shells are protruding. The “law enforcement officers” quietly observe our fuss. [We] slam the trunk [shut] and begin to walk in the direction of the DIA, anticipating shouts at our backs. Silence!

We passed a traffic cop who is always there at the intersection, passed a good dozen employees who always congregate by the entrance. TWO HUGE BALD FOOLS with grenade launchers and unambiguous bags crossed the entire quarter, quietly entered the courtyard of the Regional DIA, dropped in to the departmental museum and NOBODY GAVE A SH*T!!! Or are they such professionals, they can scan combat-ready weapons at a distance through the bags!?!?

And this is in a city where once a week some b*tch blows something up!
This is in a country in which a war is going on!!!


Source: Aleksander Babich FB


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