Vitaly Portnikov: What scares Russians most?

By Vitaly Portnikov
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

All day I’ve read in the Russian media: Oh, now we are becoming scared, now we are becoming scared … And when they “gnawed off” Crimea and stuffed Donbas with weapons, was it not scary, dear colleagues? When people fled from Crimea and Donbas, when children were hiding there in cellars, when Putin’s refuse wrested every apartment and car, was it not scary? When your valiant military shot down the “Boeing” and deprived innocent people of life, were you not afraid? When your vultures fly over peaceful European cities – it’s not scary? Perhaps, Europeans should be afraid of you?

To rob and kill are never scary – if you have a criminal mindset, of course. What’s scary – is to answer for your deeds.

Source: Vitaly Portnikov FB

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