Wings Phoenix: Don’t mess with Ukrops! Volunteers are coming up with non-traditional methods of solving problems

By Wings Phoenix, (Iurii Biriukov), army volunteer and Assistant Minister to the Minister of Defense
Translated by Wings Phoenix Eng and edited by Voices of Ukraine, used with permission

A while ago some dickhead was talking about the possibility of buying weapons and military fatigues in any gun shop. The volunteers have answered the challenge, but because we don’t have any gun shops, we are buying stuff in electronics shops. Because you should not mess with Ukrops!

As they say, necessity is the mother of invention: a camera with 36x zoom, two accumulators, wifi bridge and a laptop. There are dozens of such devices in and around Donetsk airport, and together, they produce a panoramic picture. They are able to identify motion up to 1500m away, and the range of stable marking of a target is up to 800m. Oh yes, and there are infrared lights on the cameras (the cameras themselves are not lit up), and there is….. I can’t tell you more yet

As a result, yes, it is a high precision weapon. 🙂 Now adjusting artillery fire is not done by a “looking out method,” you can now sit in a safe bunker and control the perimeter. And receive many positive emotions.  🙂  And there are so many “organisms” destroyed, separatists’ bomb shelters, mortars, automatic grenade launchers, snipers.

Why am I writing all this now? It has become a tradition that the volunteers are coming up with non-traditional methods of solving problems. Such devices will be extremely useful in our army. Observation posts, checkpoints, ambushes. Relatively cheap and extremely effective solution to these problems. We do not need a gun spotter to be positioned under fire now, to risk his life. So colleagues, get connected!

P.S.: and don’t ask me to post a video, don’t ask  🙂
PPS: For exemplary stupidity 3 volunteers, a Ukraine army officer and a Ukraine security service officer have received medals  🙂
P.P.P.S. Special thanks to the Speaker of the National Security Council for the exact name of this operation  🙂
P.P.P.P.S: Vladimir Velikiy has solved the puzzle first and will receive a souvenir  🙂

Source, translation: Wings Pheonix Eng
Original source: Iurii Biryukov (Wings Phoenix) FB

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2 Responses to Wings Phoenix: Don’t mess with Ukrops! Volunteers are coming up with non-traditional methods of solving problems

  1. John Sarlat says:

    Grandmaster Judo macho midget’s Spetsnaz defeated by a techie with a polaroid and an old laptop. Putin should spend more money on education and entrepreneurial collaboration and less on rewriting historical fiction and arms for his army.

  2. Marcela says:

    Oh in you I trust Pappa Wing. Exactly, exactly like that be Wise, foxy and make traps you clever Best Men. You make my Hope more Colourfull. Thank you.

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