Wings Phoenix: About that ‘high-precision weapon’ at Donetsk airport

By Wings Phoenix, (Iurii Biriukov), army volunteer and Assistant Minister to the Minister of Defense
Translated by Wings Phoenix Eng and edited by Voices of Ukraine, used with permission

The strangest photo report about a cargo delivery to Donetsk airport. I’ve been carefully delaying it, for the reason that the chief specialist in this specific issue has been in the airport all this time. But today he successfully returned to base, and hence…. Hence I can write a little bit about this.

Those following the Donetsk airport may remember, that at the beginning of last week, there was a series of reports about direct hits by our artillery, about the destruction of the militants’ bomb shelter, and the wounding of the idiot in a hat. The NSDC [National Security & Defense Council] has been reporting on the usage of a new high-precision weapon. Vladislav Seleznev was saying clever stuff….. But totally did not know what was going on. 🙂

Even now I cannot tell you the details. But a part of this ‘high-precision weapon’ we delivered to the airport on November 13th, and it has been working there since. Dmitry Marchenko has done a good job as always, and then dropped off more equipment. All this process has been watched by Diana Petrenya, who was quite intrigued by it. In short, all our usual crowd was involved.

Poor stupid separatists. … Well, why did you come here? To us? To our native land? Ay-ay-ay… How inconvenient is this – crawling into a bomb shelter that is about to be blasted by a direct hit. Maybe it is time for you to get out of here, bastards?

This is just a hint, though. Because next week we are coming there again, and bringing another piece of gear. Even more high-precision.

P.S.: Yuriy Kasyanov’s drones are playing a big role in the success of the usage of these ‘high-precision weapons,’ for which he gets a big thank you!

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Source, translation: Wings Phoenix Eng
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