Yury Kasyanov: Armiya SOS stumbles upon newbies at the front

By Yury Kasyanov, Armiya SOS volunteer activist
11.22. 2014
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

It late autumn it gets dark early. A country road by the front line. Thick twilight. We are driving with the headlights off, out of fear of fire. We pop up onto a hill and see about thirty fighters, lined up in two lines across the road. We brake suddenly in front of them, the car skids 90 degrees. Loads of dust… We pile out of the doors, groaning under the weight of the bulletproofs… Guys, do you need warm clothes? Sleeping bags? Ground sheets? Products?… who’s in command here? ARMIYA SOS has come…

We probably looked like Santa Clauses. The guys had just arrived at the front. Newbies. “Naked,” as we say – only uniforms and assault rifles. The experienced commander was just telling them how to make a shelter out of fir branches, and how to share one can of meat for four people. And then we drove up by accident…

Source: Yury Kasyanov FB

* * *

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