Volodymyr Parasiuk: “Ukrainians around the world, you rock!”

By Volodymyr Parasiuk
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

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Tonya Levchuk wrote to me, she – is a volunteer. She collects assistance worldwide for the Ukrainian army:

Everyone asks, “How is Ukraine?” I can say one thing for sure, the money ran out, the guys are freezing, every day at least one hero dies in Ukraine. Optimism and confidence in a victory exist only because there are infinite numbers of people who do not give up and keep helping!

Thank you for all your help and for staying with our defenders to the end !! It’s just not possible to write, describe or tell about – the eyes of our heroes! I can confidently say that everything you and we do is immensely appreciated. Ukrainians around the world – you rock! Our defenders appreciate your hard work and hear your prayers!”

For all who want to help spread information:

Our officially registered charitable foundation in the US is: “Save Lives Together Foundation.”

1) Private: 4731 2171 0783 3137 (Parasiuk VZ)

2) Go HERE PayPal

3) A check able to be Sent to this Address:
(!) Enter “Vladimir Parasiuk” in the memo
Save Lives Together Foundation
9190 West Olympic Blvd., # 240
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

4) For wire transfer please contact us by email:

Telephone contact number 0979056030 – Andriy Fedyniakk
0979346967 – Bogdan Golovko

Source: Volodymyr Parasiuk FB

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