Arestovich: the Ukrainian army reached a turning point

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 10.45.20 PMBy Alexey Arestovich, motivational speaker and army volunteer
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

I happened to drive through the frontlines, and I must say that what I waited for has finally come true.

As they say, it takes at least 6 months to form a subpersonality [Ed. Note: A personality mode that kicks in to assist a person in certain types of psychosocial situations], and now it has developed.

I can’t recognize our law enforcement, from various agencies. They are angry. They are daring. They growl. They demand. They work. They laugh.

And they dream about the notorious Russian offensive, so that they can finally give it to the vatniks [Russians] in a proper way.

They reached a turning point somewhere within two or three extraordinary weeks.

I’ve waited for it for a long time.

Just three weeks ago, many of them had a crease between their eyebrows; you could still frequently hear complaints; you could still observe choppy moves and an uncertain construction of phrasing.

And now – well, [they’re] just handsome men. Calm. Not a shadow of fear – neither while under fire nor when walking across the frontline.

The siloviki [members of the security forces] are pulling forward. They want to fight.

And, they often laugh now. I haven’t heard so much laughter before.

Gradually, the system is built up. Gradually, the flywheel unwinds.

Army, battalions, [National] Guard, Security Service – they are all working to reach the [golden] standard.

A lot of healthy excitement. An impressive pursuit of results is underway.

A competitive spirit and a race for military prowess have arrived.

We have [finally] crossed a very important milestone.

Experience accumulates and affects [them] in leaps and bounds.

I meet those [guys] who [just] three months ago had to have their noses wiped and be comforted.

Now, their shoulders unfurl broadly. They look straight ahead.

Antics and pranks. Jokes. [And their] rather professional demeanor.

Today, I looked toward the East and felt very sorry for the vatniks: with all their tanks, “Smerch” and “Tornado-G’s” [missile launchers].

In my opinion, they have not gotten it yet – what force they’ve awakened.

And it will be very painful for them to finally get it.

For those who will even have the time [to realize it].

Source: Alexey Arestovich FB


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3 Responses to Arestovich: the Ukrainian army reached a turning point

  1. EU simple citizen says:

    If confirmed through increased resilience observed on the ground, that’s a great news.
    Hopefully they are now building strong cohesiveness, and improve their ability to conduct operations at higher level than local companies.
    This would show that all those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their motherland until now, contributed to the emergence of something big: a national army, with indomitable will.
    Make all the legends known, such as the incredible resistance around Donetsk airport by the Cyborgs. This will feed the Ukrainian soul and make the country stronger than ever.

  2. Cetric says:

    And, for heaven’s sake, avoid stupid collisions and threatenings between speakers or commanders of volunteer bataillons and the presidency in Kiev as seen lately! It only benefits the enemy and Putin!

  3. patrick dalzell says:

    Great news that there is now more spirit and willingness to fight. You probably could do a with few drones to help seal of the border and take out what comes across it from the evil empire.

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