ATO fighter Andrei to Poroshenko

By Natalia Sokurenko, Journalist
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine
[Ukrainian]ATO [anti-terrorist operation] fighter Andrei:

“Poroshenko you bitch, I do not believe you anymore! Your ceasefire means the severed legs of my friend and two more of ours killed. With your sell-out truce you surrender the positions that are washed in the blood of our warriors. The surrender of the 32nd Checkpoint is the work of toadies and idiots. We know our job, but can never understand who it is that you – politicians – work for?”

Today the territory of free Ukraine shrank by a whole kilometre. Ukrainian soldiers held the 32nd strategic objective since September. How many heroes fell here by death of the brave. Just not sure, for what damn reason… They not only left the heroes without help or support. The guys were betrayed and forgotten… because the generals, apart from their ambitions and the desire to distort the situation, completely lack other emotions. For the past three days the militants have become active. The bastards laugh into the cameras and freely walk around on our soil. Also, they shell our settlements with grenade launchers and “Grads,” knowing that Ukrainian soldiers are forbidden from offering any resistance. How humiliating it is to constantly be hit and not hit back in return… together with Turchinkov, Poroshenko brought the whole Ukrainian army to its knees. That our soldiers are clothed and fed – rubbish! Many on the front line don’t even have berets. They still walk around in rubber sandals. And how many fighters are not even listed in the ATO zone. No biggie, like they’re at some resort… their poor mothers will never be able to find the graves of their sons and receive at least some financial compensation from the government that sent them to the front. As one wounded soldier, who was left without legs and an arm, said to me: “I was the luckiest of all. From forty of my colleagues they gathered 24 sacks of meat in which they only identified four of them…”. This fighter today lives in a 12-metre communal block, without a means of subsistence. But the future MPs are waging battles in television studios, for every extra vote. They would be better off fighting on the front and not just with their tongues. Poroshenko, cancel your truce now if you do not want Ukraine to completely lose its authority and face. Let us win, then you can sell your sweets in Moscow. On your conscience are innocent victims whom you simply doom to death at the hands of Russian mercenaries. And the humanitarian convoy of Putler needs to be destroyed, so they don’t get ideas. Why let death onto our land? The LuganDons get weapons, and Ukrainian mothers get new coffins…

Source: Savelyev Vyacheslav FB

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1 Response to ATO fighter Andrei to Poroshenko

  1. Tim says:

    So speaks to truth that it hurts to hear it. Soon people of Ukraine will have to remove the traitors in Kyiv and fight with and for each other. Nobody will miss greedy politicans with there lies and empty promises. Time for soldiers and self defense battalions to unite as one and it will only take 1 hour to fix the problems. Long live Ukraine.

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