The day of aviation patients

By Iurii Biriukov
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine


Vezunchik [“Lucky”], our pride and joy – was immobilised because of a left window that burst in the pilot cabin. From the moment the repairs finished he has worked constantly, clocking dozens of flight hours. Carried tens of tons of cargo, carried dozens of wounded and transported Cargo 200 [military code words for the dead]. Alas, we only have one air ambulance and Vezunchik has to help out in this too. And now he stands, now we cannot fly. We found a new window, but money…

Ryatunchik [“Rescuer”], our future pride and joy. Right now there is a solid sense of déjà vu: when at the end of April they showed me Vezunchik he looked exactly like that. And again, mixed feelings: I want to take up the task (or rather – we are ALREADY working), but am anxious because of the scale. This will be a medical transport aircraft, to help Vitya. And yes, let them be not needed, let there be no wounded, sure. But alas, there will be. And that means, we have to repair him. But again – money.

We are shaking up all and everyone, we are firmly “working” with banks and big business. But everyone is exhausted. And viewing reports on the movement of Russian troops there is an impression that the countdown is now on days or hours. God willing, it is not so.

The feeling of tiredness turns into depression, a constant need to beg for money from all volunteers leads to hellish irritability. Brutal…

Want to help?

15th Boryspil Transport Aviation Brigade

4149 4950 0701 0768 Iurii Biriukov

IMPORTANT! All payment cards starting with 4149* can be re-filled only through Privat24, PrivatBank terminals and cash desks of PrivatBank in Ukraine!

If you wish to do a money transfer through a client-bank system of another bank or through an ATM of another bank, please use ONLY:

5168 7572 3217 4575 Iurii Biriukov (Юрий Бирюков)



Reports of achievements:


Consolidated financial report:

Consolidated report with photos: (RU)



What else can help?


Repost this information, invite your friends to signup, re-post in other social networks and online resources



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