Wings Phoenix: Kyiv cakes for Donetsk airport Cyborgs

By Wings Phoenix (Iurii Biriukov), army volunteer and Assistant Minister to the Minister of Defense
Translated by Wings Phoenix Eng and edited by Voices of Ukraine, used with permissions

This is why you don’t mess with the volunteers: we’ve been challenged to do something special, and we accepted the challenge. Because Tatiana Rychkova [Editor: a very effective army volunteer from Dnipropetrovsk whose husband died while fighting] has been busy at home with her brigade, and we already had some experience delivering cakes to the ATO area, we have been put in charge of implementing this task [Editor: taking cakes to the cyborgs at Donetsk airport by request].

During 24 hours in the airport, side by side with the cyborgs, we delivered a large amount of humanitarian aid (including that our long term project proved very popular – it will be a nice surprise to the separys [separatists]), we were eating the cake, chatting, fighting.

We are now back, and they are still standing there. They continue to defend us. And we will continue to support them, and sometimes to indulge them [with treats].

These people are priceless.

On the wall: "Phoenix delivered cake" and a birthday wish for one of them.

On the wall: “Phoenix delivered cake” and a birthday wish for one of them.

Source, translation: Wings Phoenix Eng
Source, original: Wings Phoenix

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3 Responses to Wings Phoenix: Kyiv cakes for Donetsk airport Cyborgs

  1. Tim says:

    God I love Ukraine

  2. Putin has overstepped his bounds…now he faces retribution, at his own people’s hand……you can’t fool all of the people; all of the time…..not even if they are 90% drunk

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