Donbas – without words (910+ photos)

Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

We have collected 873 photos from eastern Ukraine, which show the real picture of the situation: all the pain, extreme survival conditions, the extent of the destruction, the military situation in the region. If you have photos that you want to share with other users, join now and send in your photos.

Click here for all photos:

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3 Responses to Donbas – without words (910+ photos)

  1. justice says:

    Was die materiellen Schäden bei weitem überwiegt, ist der Schmerz durch die zu beklagenden Toten und die seelischen wie auch körperlichen Verletzungen der unschuldigen Opfer. Dieses Gefühl kann man weder bewerten noch in Fotos wirklich nachvollziehbar darstellen.

    Man sollte bzw. muss dennoch den Menschen, die sich an der Aufklärungsarbeit beteiligen sehr dankbar sein, denn das Ausmaß der Zerstörung aufgrund russischer Aggression, würde sonst nicht in Einzelheiten sichtbar werden.

  2. Doug Williams says:

    A bloody disgrace and no-one to blame but pootin and his filthy mercenary cockroaches. The sin that people through no fault of their have to live and suffer through the machinations of a lunatic and his minions.

  3. Bohdan H says:

    The Russification of Donbas began in the 1930s — my dad was forcibly expatriated to Novosibirsk with his family from his natal town of Hrysheno (later re-named “Krasnoarmiisk”). His family home on Frunze st. was confiscated, and eventually, a family from Russia was moved in by Stalin. NOT TRUE that Eastern Ukraine has “always” been full of Russian nationals. I say: If people “feel Russian” in Ukraine, they should register as foreign nationals, NOT vote in elections, or move back to their beloved “Russia” — the largest country in the world, lest we forget.

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