Semyon Semyonchenko: “What will happen to Ukraine?”

Photo source: interview , Sept. 13th.

Photo source: interview , 9/13.

By Semyon Semyonchenko, Commander, Donbas Battalion
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

What will happen to Ukraine? What awaits us next? I think that hostilities will resume when Putin considers that Ukraine has weakened enough in one or another point. It doesn’t matter, if it’s the fall of the Hryvna, the rise in prices or problems paying for gas.

Therefore, we must now use the time of the so-called ceasefire to get organized by regions. People who understand, that apart from themselves, there is no one to protect them, will have to organize themselves, to connect with others, to create a territorial defence system. You need to fully recover those parts which have suffered loss, to train one’s own fighters to the max. And, together, to unite to put pressure on the regime.

Because endlessly listening to stories that the “boilers” are formed by themselves, erasing them from the memory of people by diversionary maneuvers in the information space – is not possible.

Yes, we all want peace, but most of us probably already have the desire for peace at any cost. But even such people now have the perception that Russia today is a predator that will take as much as we give.

Let’s become strong. And then there will be peace.

Source: Semyon Semyonchenko FB

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3 Responses to Semyon Semyonchenko: “What will happen to Ukraine?”

  1. Your face I see worthy candidate to the Supreme Council.

  2. Tim says:

    This man is so well thought of in military circles that he was invited to Pentagon to go over situation. His men have been betrayed at least twice causing 100s casulties. He came back from America with Drones and Navy Seals to help train his Battalion. Ukrainian military is so full of Russians that America has chosen him to deal with. This man is a true leader and if Army would stop killing his men he can help save country.

  3. Phil says:

    You should study also the Swiss army. It is pretty powerful in defense. But this requires to have very disciplined and dedicated citizens. Once the system is organized as they do, invasion would cost hundreds of thousands of soldiers.
    It requires 6 months the first year of conscription and then 2 weeks per year. That’s not easy in the modern lazy and selfish western Europe. But Ukrainians have shown how tough they are in the last few months, so it should not be an issue.
    Good luck guys !

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