Army volunteer: Trying to get warm on the frontlines

By Yuriy Kasyanov, volunteer, Army SOS
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Behind the forest line, through the field across from our furthest most checkpoint on the road from Debaltseve to Luhansk, an enemy cannon began its deadly work around four o’clock in the afternoon.

[It was done] brazenly, within about 1 ½ to 2 km from our positions. Everyone got used to the rattle of small arms from the closest little forest a long time ago; the checkpoint snarls back with short bursts of “zushka” (ZU-23–twin-barrelled 23-millimeter anti-aircraft gun), and then–a [hit] with a large caliber… The “Take cover!” command, and five seconds later, we stopped up the cracks with concrete slabs like anchovies in a can… But the projectiles landed far behind us–in the city. The ceasefire…

We crawled back out and continued to distribute the “humanitarian aid.” Thermal underwear, socks, pants, sweaters, raincoats… There was not enough for everyone; after the “ceasefire” announcement, the [monetary] donations to the frontlines decreased by tenfold… The soldiers are trying to get warm in the clumsy army pea jackets, which cease to keep in the heat after the first rain. Half the people have caught a serious cold… And the Defense Ministry reports that [our] army is 90% ready for winter… We brought binoculars, rangefinders, weather stations, navigators and navigation tablets–the guys are as excited about these “toys” as children are with Christmas gifts…

The military department gave vehicles without batteries; a truck of half-rotten cabbage and a half-truck of carrots in the same condition, and an old cannon gun for the entire division [Editor’s note: A division is composed of 2-4 batteries, ie.: 12-24 guns]…. But that’s another story.

Source: Yuriy Kasyanov FB 

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