The Tweedledee and Tweedledum of Russian nationalism

By Alexander Noinets, Petr&Mazepa
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

"Vata" "Results Summary"

“Results Summary”

All that I will say below is probably a waste of breath. But not saying it is not really working out either. Therefore, let us sum everything up once and for all and we will try not to come back to this issue again.

We here at Peter and Mazepa are Russian nationalists. Our Russian nationalism is very simple, even primitive – “so that Russian people live well.” We welcome everything that makes Russian people live better and hate everything that makes them live worse. That is how simple we are.

And in light of this simple, open-to-any-Neanderthal, philosophy, everything that is happening in the Donbas is a multifaceted, radiant abyss of shame and humiliation, a catastrophe for all the Russian people, regardless of their country of residence.

The economy of Donbas is destroyed. What is not destroyed now will be destroyed in the near future. What will not be destroyed, will not survive the winter. What will survive the winter will be useless without what is already destroyed and stolen. An industrial region that supplied jobs to several million Russian people is finished.

And who did all this? Maybe it was all done by Banderites and Right Sector, because they hate all things Russian? No. Because if they are responsible for all this, why did they only destroy the industrial Russian Donbas, while the industrial Russian Odesa, Mykolaiv, Kharkiv and Dnipropetrovsk were left alone? Not to mention that, is it a bit strange to call Mykolaiv’s 79th Airborne brigade Banderites and Right Sector.

Somehow the 79th does not fit into the stereotype of Banderites and Right Sector, don’t you find?

And in any case, the whole idea of the necessity of fighting Banderites and Right Sector falls apart because of one simple question: tell us, please, how many Russian people were murdered in Ukraine because of their nationality in the past 20 years? Zero? Oops. And in the Russian Federation, how many Russians were stabbed by those from the Caucasus? How many Russian women were raped by Tajiks and other Central Asian migrant workers? Oops.

No, we know who started this genocide, and we know full well. It was started by one FSB colonel by order of another FSB colonel. The names of these colonels are Girkin and Putin.

And in order for it all to burn brighter, one of the FSB colonels posed as a “white officer” and a “Russian nationalist.” And other “Russian nationalists” decided to play along with the FSB colonel, putting themselves in a position of useful idiots. And these “Russian nationalist” clowns lured hundreds and thousands of volunteers to Donbas, to fight Banderites and Right Sector. And to continue the banquet, the FSB colonel armed the most psychopathic and uneducated residents of Donbas, which immediately resulted in a social catastrophe and widespread lawlessness that was not seen in that region since 1923. And the useful idiots persistently suppressed the crimes committed by the local and visiting rednecks, by all of this pride of the nation, the Ponomarevs and the Motorolas.

In return, Russia incurred such losses in image that it had not incurred since the times of the First World War. And the inertia of economic losses that it has suffered and will suffer is so terrifyingly large that it is not difficult to say whether the hit to the RF’s economy will be weaker than in the 90s. So, literally, it is hard to say right now just how much worse off Russian people will be, how long the National Welfare Fund will last and whether it will not all run out later this year. And you did all this, my dear friends. Well done.

And this is in the RF. How much worse life has become for Russians in Luhansk and Donetsk is completely indescribable. It is very hard to be a 19-year old girl in Luhansk. It is very hard to be a pensioner and an invalid in Luhansk. It is very hard to be a state employee in Luhansk. In fact it is not possible to say who in Luhansk does not have it hard. That is the Russian spring for you. And you did all this, my dear friends. Well done.

And let’s not delude ourselves that Girkin and Putin will share the suffering with the Russian people. Putin will eat how he likes, will drink what he likes, will wear what he likes and will drive what he likes. And Girkin has already very convincingly demonstrated that, at the moment when things get tight for him, he will disappear and reappear some time later somewhere quiet. That is just the kind of man he is.

But the image losses will be carried specifically by the Russian people, regardless of their country of residence. Only the Russians in Russia will do it with pride because the clowns will tell them that they should rejoice at sitting in shit and eating shit, and Russians in the rest of the world will do it with tears because they had completely nothing to do with it, but the world will hate them anyway.

And the main difference in what is happening from, say, the tragedy of the Civil War, is that in the Civil War the aggressor was a group that was specifically stateless. It wasn’t the Russians who were the aggressor; it was the Bolsheviks, the International. And the Russians were actually just the defending side; they lost with dignity and retreated to save their nation and culture.

And in this case our useful idiots have tried to make it so the whole world understands – it is not the multinational Russian Federation that went to war, oh no, what are you talking about. The Lezginka crowd have nothing to do with this, no way. And this Strange Economic Model has nothing to do with this either, Lavrov and Krylov will both tell you that. No, it is specifically Russian Orthodox people who took up MANPADS and started shooting in every direction. There are no Kadyrovites, these are not Kadyrovites. No Ossetians; these are not Ossetians. They are us – Russian Orthodox Christians! That is the kind of people we are – if the monkey with the Kalashnikov in Donbas is killing off people with Ukrainian passports – that means it is our man, the Russian man, even more Russian than other Russians. That is how we, clowns, now define our nationality: “Russian, that means a dangerous and armed moron or ‘insurgent’ for short.”

The aim of the useful idiots was simple and cynical, and they achieved it quite well – to reframe the debate. To spread the sphere of contempt and shame that the insurgents cover themselves with to the whole nation. To explain to the world that Zhilin from Oplot cuts off people’s ears not because he is a corrupt cop who champions vulgarity and inhumanity, but because he is Russian. Well done, guys, thanks. It worked. Not completely, but the attempt is fantastic.

Let’s summarise. Luhansk is without light and water. Donetsk is without metallurgy. All of Russia will very soon be without everything, because they have constantly expanding sanctions instead of friends. Thousands of Russian people are dead. Tens of thousands have lost jobs and homes. Hundreds of thousands are now simply ashamed to admit that they are Russian.

And instead of good news you, shit-eaters, are telling us about how that’s all fine, that now without Donbas’s economy the Banderites in Ukraine are finished for sure. No doubt, here you are right – the economy of Ukraine, because of the war you have started, has gone into such free-fall that it is scary to watch. Only why exactly is this a victory for you? Do you not think, Billy my friend, that me and you have both just dined on a shit sandwich?

And look how great it has all turned out! What an epic catastrophe was achieved in only half a year by two FSB colonels and their useful idiot clowns.

The result of your actions, clowns, is the destruction of the economies of two of the biggest countries with Russian populations. And the only thing that can excuse you, is if you are not Russian people who were had for saps, but if you are cynical media personalities who are paid to do the job of the destruction of the Russian populations of Russia and of Ukraine. In that case you did not betray anyone, because you worked from the beginning as sleeper agents, and no one can expect any more from you than Hitler could expect from Stirlitz. There is no betrayal of the country and the people because you have no country and no people, but just a customer and a contract for genocide. In this case you did great, you succeeded in your mission; it will take us, Russians, more than 30 years to rebuild these ruins.

And in this situation, in the situation of obvious hell, which will end as nothing more than hell, as a burning wasteland in the place of one of the most Russian regions of the world, a hell that was created by you, sustained by you and sponsored by you, in this situation the voices of the clowns have divided.

Some, in the face of Olshansky and company, started whining that how it all ended so fast and so terribly, and we did not plan for this at all, but somehow it did not work out. Let us explain:

You see, Twiddledee! Don’t fucking cuddle with the leader of the “South-East” movement, Oleg “they beat me in every region where my movement is represented” Tsarov. You should just look carefully at his disgusting mug, and the prospects will become clear. Don’t fucking cuddle with the leader of the “Oplot” movement, Evgeniy “I am a cop and I cut people’s ears off” Zhilin. You should just look carefully at his disgusting mug, and the prospects will become clear.

And don’t think, Twiddledee, that if you start crying now, we will respect you more. No, the function of the sad clown is to call a grim laugh. You are fulfilling it.

Others, like Prosvirin [nationalist blogger of Sputnik & Pogrom fame] and Holmogorov and company [also Russian nationalist blogger], still paint the bright face of people who are not at all shafted by Vlad and his power vertical, and their life is just great, just like the life of all Russian people. Let us explain:

You see, Twiddledum. Everyone can already see quite well that the smile is painted on. You have murdered enough people to logically be afraid of leaving the house. Sit at home. Travel around Siberia. It doesn’t matter. Kychatnik has relatives. Osipov has relatives. Every one of the Pskov marines murdered by you had relatives. So did every one of the Russian Russians killed by you. Every one of the Ukrainian Russians murdered by them in Donbas. They all had relatives and friends. And they are not happy to see you. And it does not take a genius to predict your future, Twiddledum. The quantity of your detractors will necessarily acquire a quality all of its own. And because in this case the hatred towards you is mixed with decalitres of Russian blood, how that will manifest itself is generally clear.

Your bloody circus is finished, and soon it will leave town. And you, Twiddledum, are not the magician Girkin, you cannot reappear after you soon vanish. You are capable of only yapping on the topic of “Russians don’t need money, Russians need to kill each other.”

P.S. Oh look, old man Twiddledum has noticed us and blessed us while building his grave. The war was started by you, Russians were killed by you, Russians will have no money because of you, and we are the Russophobes here. Maybe it is time to end [finish] with this strange ideological model?

Source: petr&mazepa


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5 Responses to The Tweedledee and Tweedledum of Russian nationalism

  1. NLT says:

    I glad you were able to express your opinion and now I will stae the truth. The Ukrainians were happily living in peace until Russia decided to take parts of their country. Russian’s Putin is entirely to blame for the destruction of Ukraine and the Russian economy. Ukraine only wants their territory back and to be left alone. If the Russian citizens are having problems because of what is happening in Ukraine, go to the source – Putin.

  2. “And in the Russian Federation, how many Russians were stabbed by Caucasians? How many Russian women were raped by Tajiks and other Central Asian migrant workers? Oops” (c)

    Very confusing. By “caucasians” author meant inhabitants of Russian Caucasus region – ethnic minorities, from underdeveloped South, notorious for their aggressive attitude towards ethnic Russians, not Caucasian race. You can compare them to Sicilians in Italy, or Corsicans in France, or even Scots/Irish in United Kingdom. Anyway, the translation of this article is too far-rightish, maybe its better to set it more central right. Usually, far right rhetoric is not very popular with Europeans – in fact, all far right parties are in support of Putin.

    • Tety says:

      Original text is “rightish”, as well as other texts by Petr&Mazepa – they are nationalists after all.

    • Daniil says:

      This is the difference of Europeans rights from Russians ones. Indeed, Putin is not “right” or “left” to be supported one or another. He is just pure Soviet man and FSB colonel. This is his only ideology. Everybody should understand that to not being disappointed afterwards.

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