15 wounded soldiers who are in Mechnikov regional hospital in Dipropetrovsk being sent for treatment to Estonia

By kmu.gov.ua, Government portal
09.02.2014 – 17:06
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukriane

This was announced during a conference call that took place in the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Hospital named Mechnikov. The event was attended by physicians, medical experts from Estonia and Advisor to the Head Boris Treyherman.

It is expected that wounded soldiers will be sent to Estonia next Tuesday. The difficulty is that in Ukraine there are no special aircraft to transport patients. That is why for treatment abroad only those patients who are able to sit will be sent. There are 15 soldiers who have mainly limb injuries.

“These are the guys who need quality rehabilitation,” – stated the head physician of the regional hospital, Sergey Ryzhenko.

Currently, Mechnikov hospital specialists prepare all the necessary documents and examination results to send so as to acquaint colleagues from Estonia.

All questions regarding passport preparations are assumed by the state administration, reported Boris Treyherman. 14 wounded soldiers have already received overall treatment abroad.

Source: kmu.gov.ua

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